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Kharma, Interconnectedness, and the Immigrant Crisis


Kharma, Interconnectedness, and the Immigrant Crisis

Marjorie Orellana

“Don’t come to our country illegally,” President Trump blasted in a recent tweet, his solution to the current immigrant crisis – one in which thousands of immigrants are fleeing violence in Central America and attempting to cross into the United States. He went on to emphasize the importance of borders, national sovereignty, and “rule of law.”

“Don’t invade our country,” Central Americans might well have tweeted back.


Note to Professor Orellana:

Allen Dulles was director of CIA, while his brother John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State.


We also have an occupant of the oval office coming off most recent business dealings inclusive of fraud as a delusional strong-man bully. When he flaunts his business experience - you’re talking the equivalent if not real mafia. Karma and the ‘what goes around comes around’ does not hew to the linear dynamics of the otherwise chaotic ‘face’, such as the women it flaunts as spokespersons for this cabal.

All dimensions of empire in demise, above all the motivation of the exceptional legacy of testosterone poisoning shaping its sexism and violence, swirl and twist to gain advantage from destabilization.

The task would seem to be to center down and jujitsu what is also the dynamics of the above of a duopoly pretending to be two different entities. The circus today of the hearing of Peter Strzok seems an example.

Similar to the concept of karma, the concept of the TAO - The Way - has been lost. As individuals we must be attentive to exercising our minds like containers. What internal and shared principles shape our presence in this situation? These are worth being part of community and praxis and exercised before crisis. I am partial to the translation by Herrymon Maurer - but there are scores of other translations at the link for any who are interested.


Bad form to use violent language back at perpetrator of a white racist who shouts hurtful words. If you run into these violent racist types, alone, take cover fast, get outa there, no shouting matches. They are cowards and bullies and only will take someone on that is unarmed, defenseless and especially alone! Another time when you’re not alone, then they will cower - but still keep the moral stand. This civility crap only is relevant in the public square when witnesses are recording.


It never fails to amaze me when people get upset about a disaster in which a small number of people, usually children, are threatened. Not that they shouldn’t, it’s just that they ignore completely the slow non-acute disaster deaths of millions, in a virtual media blackout, that the intentionally oblivious go on causing. In fact there’s a direct cause and effect; it’s only when their hand isn’t on the tiller that they can allow themselves to be aware that people are dying. We would find a lot more compassion in our society if we could find enough compassion to begin to change the structures (corporations, oligarchic government, etc) that are the proximal causes of most of the problems.


Simple truths. Well written. It’s not that complicated.


The actions of the US in Latin America are infamous and well known to many except, of course, willfully ignorant Americans. The very lying historical propaganda that Hollywood and the US government and social organizations disseminate to a gullible public make me cringe. Take the myth of the Alamo, Dave Crockett, etc. It portrays the evil Mexicans attacking a lonely fort manned by American good guys fighting for freedom. The truth is the exact opposite. The American settlers invaded and tore Texas, a Mexican territory, out of Mexico to make it part of the expanding US. It all started when the Mexican government refused to allow Americans to bring and own slaves within Mexican territory. Well you can guess that the Americans wanted their slaves and the rest is history except to Americans. It is the same today as it was then. Lies, lies, lies!


Very true Archie! We


their land by illegal military invasion.


Thank You.


What has been hidden from citizens of the US, but the rest of the world knows all to well, is the true function of the CIA. That function is the protector of US corporate and Wall Street interests around the world. After the situation that Gen. Smedley Butler exposed before WWII, the Capitalists decided they weren’t going to be crossed again. After the war they recruited persons involved with the OSS, and merged them with elements from Wall Street, and conned President Truman into forming the agency (he regretted it and said so after JFK’s assignation). Their mission statement in the beginning was intelligence only, but expanded their mission during every administration change, knowing the new president coming in wouldn’t realize it had been changed, until they had a fully functioning operations section, or what we now call the black op’s. They have reeked havoc on the world, in our name, ever since.


all the information that you mentioned is available except most people prefer to be fed pablum. (dictionary pablum: bland or insipid intellectual fare or entertainment.) God forbid an intelligent discussion=eyes glaze over


And it would be super to see more articles like it, factual but ending with a positive truth.


I’m sooooo old that I used to collect the dozen or so verses of “Davey Crocket” pasted on end of the wrappers of that inredibly nutritional wasteland of breads, bleached and air-bloated “Wonder Bread”. Early '50’s.


I agree. Compassion is hard to “scale up” and it’s easy to ignore what we do not see, or put blocks up to seeing. I think it also feels easier to be compassionate when we feel we really can make a difference. How to overcome the sense of hopelessness many feel in the face of changing huge structures? And how to cultivate a willingness to give up some of our own comforts, and take great personal risks, for others? (As indeed, did happen in Thailand.)


Yes…But I guess we have to keep trying…I try to think about ways to cut through the glazing over…how to help people hear hard truths, that they feel hopeless to counter, or just don’t want to know or face…how to do that without shaming, or creating defensively…but still calling out truth… It’s not easy. Thank you for your words.


Sorry I didn’t realize there were comments here, or I would have replied sooner! At any rate thank you for your comments, and for elaborating.