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Khizr Khan’s Son Sacrificed His Life for a War That Never Should’ve Happened


Khizr Khan’s Son Sacrificed His Life for a War That Never Should’ve Happened

Peter Certo

It was impossible not to be moved as Khizr and Ghazala Khan, two Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, stood before the Democratic National Convention and mourned their son Humayan, a U.S. soldier who’d been killed in Iraq.

Humayan, his grieving father recalled, was “the best of America.” Yet if it were up to Donald Trump, Khan said, the slain soldier “never would have been in America.” It was a compelling rebuke to the GOP nominee’s unrepentant calls to banish Muslims and immigrants alike.


Thank you Peter Certo for injecting some reality into this incredibly bizarre "scandal". Anyone who supports war of aggression has some serious psychological issues.


Iraq, paradise in the middle east, with the Euphrates, and the Tigris rivers flowing freely, heavenly. Lets start with Ronnie Raygun, and HW Bush with their war they helped create in the 80's, Iraq, Iran war. As Raygun, and Bush played one side against the other, supplying each side with intel, and weapons, Henry Kissinger stated, "it's a pity both sides can't lose". HW Bush as prez then sends April Glaspie US Ambassador to Iraq to lie to Saddam. Lies, Lies, Lies, about Saddam, and the Iraqi people. HW Bush bombs Baghdad, Desert Storm. Ramsey Clark former US Attorney General, a guest of Saddams in Baghdad at this time of the bombings, forms an international war crimes tribunal, and HW Bush is convicted of War Crimes! See,"War Crimes", Ramsey Clark. No fly zones, economic embargo leading to poor medical care, and malnutrition of the Iraqi children. Madeleine Albright Secretary of State under Clinton states 500,000 deaths of Iraqi children due to the US embargo on Iraq worth it. Then Bill Clinton maintaining the evil, follows up is own bombing of Baghdad in 1998. Dubya Bush follows with more Lies, Lies ,Lies, Bombs, Bombs, Bombs, mass destruction, and mass deaths, and here we are today with another War Criminal Obama, bombing Iraq. Iraq paradise not that long ago.


The left truly has next to nowhere to go politically in this country. My support of the Greens is a "Go f#$% yourselves" to Hillary and the DLC faction that control the Democratic Party. I do not recognize a Democratic Party where retired generals and billionaires speak in favor of the nominee. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HATE US! WTF. Both major parties are parties of war and empire, and until the majority realizes that nothing significant will change. All I know at this point is that Hillary MUST LOSE this election if the left is to ever have a chance to take over one of the major parties for The People. This is a longer game than one election cycle, and we must ignore the usual "the sky will fall" fear-mongering of the establishment to bully us into line. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


The Philly Convention should be relabeled CLINTONCON !

The amount of US taxpayers' money spent on the Iraq occupation would fund both Medicare for All AND free tuition !


This probably the first article I have read on this that did not refer to the son killed as a "hero". When people do this it an attempt to frame their opinion in such a manner that it can not be questioned.

Going to a third world country to kill poor people for something they never did does not qualify onself as a "hero". That word tends to be used a lot when the media wish to promote propoganda on the behalf of the State.


" Anyone who supports wars of aggression, has some serious psychological issues."

That would be the entire U.S. government!


Every Day is an Anniversary

Every day another death, or more.
Blown apart, shot, starved,
Military or civilian, young or old,
Innocent or guilty, they die.

Looking back through history;
Egyptian, Jew, Babylonian,
Greek, Roman, European or American;
As today, they died.

Peaceful farmers raising their crops,
Came the conqueror, they died.
Poets writing of Peace.
A Dictator’s decree; they died.

Lovers picnic in a mountain meadow.
Overflies the drone, a missile fires;
Blast of fire and steel.
Must have been terrorists, they died.

Collateral damage is a convenient term.
Doesn’t sound like weeping widows,
Crying children and shattered homes.
Just pay them compensation and forget them.

Forget them all, soldiers, civilians, young and old.
Forget the wasteland of war, the trampled crops.
There are always lots more where they came from.
Forget that every day is an anniversary.

Steve Osborn
28 May 2006


WAR is so extremely profitable to USA military industrial complex.


What do you expect from a terrorist state like USA? There is no value for human life.


I agree with this conversation generally, and I appreciate the article. What is motivating people who support Hillary in foreign affairs? What motivates people like Khizr Khan to join the military?