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Kick Donald Trump’s Circus Out of Town


Kick Donald Trump’s Circus Out of Town

Michael Winship

I’m increasingly convinced that the real reason Ringling Bros. has gone out of business is that when it comes to circuses, the Trump White House was just too much competition.

For sure, it’s a sordid extravaganza with a lot more than three rings. The high wire acts alone are worth the price of admission, and the clowns — one of whom is also the putative ringmaster — are unintentionally hilarious, if sinister, as clowns so often seem to be. To some. Not me.


Mr. Winship, please correct the following sentence before someone quotes you.
‘which the Congressional Budget Office still says will cause the number of insured people to increase by more than 20 million…’
Also, boatloads of thanks to you for the good work you’ve done (surviving GW) and continue to do. We who read are grateful!


What Brennan is actually saying here is, “I won’t give you any evidence to believe all this Russia nonsense, but you ought to believe me because I’m telling you too.”

Mr. Winship thinks this is powerful and deadly testimony.

Mr. Winship is either a lying tool of the Deep State working to help them get their war with Russia or he is a complete idiot.

Ok CD, block my comment because your idea of free exchange of ideas ends with calling crap on an author. Sorry. But I call crap on this shill.

There is no evidence of collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. There is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC and released what they hacked to Wikileaks. There is no sense that even if they did it that that would be interfering in our election.

Just because you dislike what Trump is doing (and so do I for the most part,) that doesn’t mean it justifies a soft coup by the deep state- and make no mistake, Brennan is the epitome of the deep state- based on made up nonsense. Do the hard work, Mr. Winship, work against the policies.


“There is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC and released what they hacked to Wikileaks. There is no sense that even if they did it that that would be interfering in our election.”

Your second sentence seems to make no sense. You don’t think stealing confidential emails concerning only one of two major party candidates running for president and then releasing them to the public is not interfering with an election? You don’t think there is any possibility that it might make help the other candidate?


No, I don’t. I think it is biased journalism and, even if wrong, is not the same thing as “interfering in an election.”

The later means messing around with the actual voting process. Which, and it’s no coincidence that this is the case, is what over 50% of those who identify as Democrats think is what the Clintonistas are accusing Russia of doing. Why? Because that’s what people think “interfering in an election” means and when the Clinton politicos and pundits use this language, when YOU use this language and defend it, a subtle but effective form of propaganda is being spread.


Excellent post LibWingof. If the famed Harvard Law Professor and Democrat Alan Dershowitz says there is no there there… Well this is a bunch of bunk, it is written like he thinks everybody is low on thought fuel. The country is in trouble, the dollar is in trouble, housing and commercial real estate, the stock market is pumped up and private and government debt will eat us alive if interest rates go up much more… But hey the if they can keep it from collapsing… say till this fall, then the globalist will be off the hook and can blame Trump. Like a childish game they play, brainwashing, pitting us against each other while both sides rush toward the end of life as we know it.


Michael Winship, another Hillary clone who just hates that an ADD very wealthy klown-moron is running the country’s government but can’t seem to see the connection between his own lock-step fealty to the corporate big money Democratic party and the current administration. Micheal, you are part of that klown posse you despise.


“When you are born in this world, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat.”
–George Carlin



Driving him out, desirable as that may be, would only treat the biggest sorest symptom without having any real effect on the disease.

Rather than going on about " fake news," the social condition that needs to be taken seriously is “fake money.”

It’s like a fever disease that is peaking now. I did see it when I worked at BofA and it’s ten or more times worse now. The bail out from the 2008 recession only shifted them into high gear into a kind of insane “we better grab as much as we can now before the next time the excremental hits the air conditioner” psychotic state.

Those fortunes being made are strictly in database only computer money. There’s nothing giving it real value. The economy is entirely faith based and will only keep working until people stop believing in it. I think if you took all the hard currencies in the world and divided it up equally, everyone would have barely enough to buy lunch for a week. That’s my take on the continuing popularity such as it is of the present president as long as he is able to act like he does, all the rest of those who want to believe themselves to be financialist players can keep their fake money juggle going. They’re like those guys we used to see on Ed Sullivan who had spinning plates on sticks and the plates would start to lose their spin and fall off till the guy hit them to restart the spin in the nick of time and keep it barely going. That’s my metaphor for the whole world economy.

Did you see the video of the Presudent shoving a couple of world leaders aside so he could be in front for the photo shoot? People who believe have to believe his supposed wealth is bestowing on him some kind of magic to not just write him off as a complete full of himself asshole. Son in law Jarad Cushygig is finally getting noticed as having no experience whatsoever to qualify him for being in such a bunch of key positions. He is the biggest fastest spinning plate on the tallest weakest stick and it looks like some in the media are starting, reluctantly, to become aware if this and don’t want to face up to and report how close it is to all coming tumbling down.


Do we trust the FBI to bring charges?
Do we trust Congress to prosecute?