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Kidnapped, Tortured, and Detained 14 Years, Author of 'Gitmo Diary' Finally Returns Home


Kidnapped, Tortured, and Detained 14 Years, Author of 'Gitmo Diary' Finally Returns Home

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who documented his torture and imprisonment in the 2015 Guantánamo Diary, on Monday was finally returned home to his native Mauritania.

Upon his release, Slahi said, "I feel grateful and indebted to the people who have stood by me. I have come to learn that goodness is transnational, transcultural, and trans-ethnic. I'm thrilled to reunite with my family."


The Republicans and the warmongering neocons are keeping Gitmo open.
With the help of the discredited ex-generals that the FOX War Network keeps parading in front of the public.
And the likes of Martha Raddatz, and those of her ilk.


I'll necessarily bite my tongue on the context I would like to assert regarding the founding of this torture operation called Guantanamo.

I will self redact, or else.

That said, or unsaid rather, good that this man is finally out of that hell hole.

May real justice ultimately be served on those who ultimately designed his false capture to begin with.


Please assert your context, there has already been too much tongue biting on this topic.


For those interested in supporting the authorship of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, the book has been published in the US by Little, Brown & Co.


It is a silent protest. Not going to assert my context, but don't mind you requesting it.


America, Liberty and justice for all, even if it takes 14 years


The report mentioned that his treatment was personally approved by Rummy. The shame brought upon the U.S through our continued use of Guantanamo should rain on the Bush Cabal.


What about the other prisons?


I am overjoyed. I read his book and hoped his due would come. God bless you.


This has been covered before, but let's review this again...

The fault for not closing Guantanamo Prison is with Obama and his firm control of Congress, with Democrats in control of both houses for 2 full years, 2009 - 2010.

Our constitutional law professor-turned president used his "I will close Guantanamo Prison" as an applause line in every speech he delivered, 2007 - 08, and it helped him get elected.

Once inaugurated, he didn't lift a finger to close Guantanamo Prison, and deal justly with the prisoners there.

His ineffective leadership cost Democrats control of Congress in 2010, and with each subsequent election, the party has fared worse.

Blame Repubs for a lot of bad US politics -- I do!-- but not for obstructing the closing of Guantanamo Prison.


piling up of shameful actions - neverending - what will we teach our children in the coming years when there is no Howard Zinn to keep us honest? it gets harder to get up daily and read the latest atrocities that my government continues to perpetrate.


"Free at last, free at last." May this be true of all of us someday soon.


Thanks for those perfect words, RR. You said it better than I could. I hope Slahi finds some peace and comfort and becomes a voice for justice and peace.


The article touches on the other prisons he was in around the world. Why are their names and locations not equally displayed and pressured in the media?

And may corporations be pulled out of all prisons and jails inside the USA, including juvenile detention.


There is only one word for Guantanamo-sadistic. To kidnap people, mistreat them and hold them for years without seeing their families and without charges or trials is an unspeakable crime. It is like a horror movie, only without a hero to come along and defeat the monsters.

If Obama is Commander-in-Chief why could he not have over-ridden any objections from the military or Congress and freed these men upon taking office? It would have been a repudiation of the Iraq War which he rightly objected to these many years ago. I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night with so many policies in place which require strong arming, bullying, deception... the very things he was elected to change. His lack of political courage means that we became unwilling participants in the status quo of US domination. We are paying for the policies we repudiate.

Guantanamo not only tortured its prisoners, it required years of military personnel to participate in this inhuman punishment and either corrupted them or will have set them up for years of therapy. How wonderful for the guard mentioned in the article that he was able to help free this prisoner.


TPTB created Obama to protect the Bush Administration criminals and others from scrutiny and prosecution.


Obama was hardly the one we thought he was when he was first presented to the American people as a candidate. Obama played a role that he continues to this day.


We continue to project our own hopes onto Obama. I was as guilty of that as anyone in 2008 but held my nose and voted for him in 2012, knowing full well just how spineless (at best), or corrupt (at worst) he is. Not corrupt in the HRC sense, but in his droning, TPP way.


Guantanamo is a dark cloud over the American nation. It is repulsive and shameful. Many americans did not support having this prison or detaining people there. Even if all of the American people did not support it, I'm not sure the government would respond to the will of the people. However, it is troubling that so many americans did support this detention center. It is very likely there were murders of some of the detainees which were covered up by US authorities.

this base should be closed and the land returned to Cuba!