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Kids Are NOT Falling Behind. They Are Surviving a Pandemic.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/24/kids-are-not-falling-behind-they-are-surviving-pandemic


Its extremely arrogant to think that we would get through our lifetimes with no social upheavals, despite every previous generation through human history experiencing at least one major upheaval, more often many upheavals, and even serial upheavals during their life times.

In the long run many of those upheavals resulted in making those previous generations better people in the long run.

Having to follow Covid-19 protocols is barely disruptive compared to what those previous generations experienced. Think about Londoners who were confined to their apartments during the day in 1940, had to go sleep shoulder to shoulder in the subways at night, hoping that when they returned to their apartment in the morning that their apartment wasn’t one of those bombed to smithereens by the Nazis during the nightly bombings. My grandparents in the Austria Alps had to hide in caves, surviving on stale bread, for weeks on end to avoid becoming casualties of the Kaiser’s army during WWI, or casualties of marauders during the subsequent civil war there (needless to mention that Ellis Island was their next stop after that).

Most of what passes for “news” in the war on Covid-19 is actually propaganda serving political and economic agendas. As Senator Hiram Johnson observed in 1918 “the first casualty of war is truth”.


Our children are suffering, but they’re doing as fine as can be expected under the circumstances.

Sure, if by “our children” you mean kids whose parents are economically stable. For low income kids and kids of color, many face even further devastating economic hardship and the reality that they will have very little opportunities of higher education.


All in all …

When the bricks trump the sick

This article is spot on. Life is not a rat race.


Children today have more opportunity to apply Mark Twain’s admonition to “not let school interfere with your education” than we ever did. Those who take that opportunity will find rewards beyond their wildest dreams.