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Kids, Be Best Just Like Melania At Plagiarism and Stupefying Hypocrisy About the Well-Being of Children

Kids, Be Best Just Like Melania At Plagiarism and Stupefying Hypocrisy About the Well-Being of Children

In another day of unfathomable cognitive dissonance, a blindingly heedless Melania unveiled her (stolen-from-Obama) initiative to keep kids safe from cyberbullying and drugs so they can "do all they can to be best in everything" less than an hour before Jeff Sessions announced a new policy to rip immigrant children away from their parents and lock them all up - "We will not capitulate to lawlessness" - and hours after Trump said he wants to strip $7 billion from children's health care to help pay for their fat-cat tax giveaway. And never mind Iran. Is it almost over? When it is, will anyone be left to see it?

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Sessions, you dimwitted bigot, you should definitely not have said that: Turtle Island was, tragically, invaded long ago by your ancestors who came to rob the indigenes of their lives and land while to raping this land and spreading their diseased minds across this land. And even this was not enough: your ancestors dragged Africans they kidnapped to these shores forcing them into the most brutal chattel slavery whose repercussions reverberate today in mass incarceration and murder by cop on the streets.

And even all this was/is not enough: Your ilk today is poised to plunge this sorry nation into another war for the benefit of war profiteers while, clearly, not minding invading other peoples’ sovereign nations to continue the rape and plunder you started on Turtle Island as you, a representative of the nation that actually, factually, dropped two atomic bombs, threaten a nation who does not have nuclear weapons. How long do you think you can continue with this monstrous game? Most of the global population is on to you horrible bigots. And soon enough the people of this nation will not be able to believe you either as you strip them of any safety net while promoting endless job “opportunities” to get the brains and guts of their children splattered on foreign soil in your endless wars.

“The Horror! The Horror!” indeed.


Sorry I can only upvote once. Your anger is incandescent and your history unimpeachable. Well done, thanks.


Stockades and guillotines are the answer. I thought for a long time I was a pacifist, oh well…


Yup, no Halloween ‘light sabers’ for for G-L, eh?

…and I can only add another and second your post … keep the true history up and front

Wasn’t able to sign in before but wondering if melaina is trying to avoid radiation with the aluminum hat .?