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Kids Visit Capitol Hill to School Lawmakers on Climate Change


Kids Visit Capitol Hill to School Lawmakers on Climate Change

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

When asked if humans are the primary drivers behind global warming, nine out of ten kids responded: "Duh!"

The first-ever national poll of children about climate change, the results stand in stark contrast to the nine out of ten Republican senators who in January voted against an amendment which acknowledged that the crisis is man-made.


TheVoiceOfReason wrote:

‘I don’t understand the importance of the “90%” stat. How is a stat regarding children’s belief in man-made climate change a relevant stat? Are these children really thinking for themselves? And what are they being taught in schools? Are they just an extension of their parents? I certainly didn’t begin to stray from thinking exactly what my parents did philosophically until I was out of college.’

An extensive search for the wording used in the poll’s questions came up empty. But apparently 1,002 eigth-graders were polled, and (according to Avaaz):

‘Nine in ten (90%) eighth graders agree that climate change is real and human activity significantly contributes to climate change
87% say driving cars and other things that use gasoline is seen as contributing to climate change
72% say the same of chopping down trees which consume carbon dioxide
56% see the process of creating electricity for our lights from fossil fuels as contributing to climate change’

One must indeed wonder what is being taught in US middle schools, if 44% of the kids polled feel that burning fossil fuels to produce electricity is not so significant as burning same in cars.