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'Kill the Bill, Don't Kill Us!': Protests Erupt as McConnell Begins Trumpcare Vote


'Kill the Bill, Don't Kill Us!': Protests Erupt as McConnell Begins Trumpcare Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer
As the Senate prepared to vote on a motion to proceed to a debate over the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, chants of "Kill the Bill!" and "Shame!" erupted from protesters in the Senate gallery.

It was unclear what bill the Senate would be debating should the Republicans win the vote, but according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, either a "straight repeal" of Obamacare or a scaled-back version of the GOP's plan to replace the ACA would cut health coverage for 22 to 32 million Americans.


All I can say at this moment is, this would be a good time for a drone strike.

Down with the Duopoly!


The gaming of the system by corporate “its”, bought-off Senators, is a priori proof of THE attempt to install a CORPORATE STATE in place of We the People’s Constitution. NIMA, National Improved Healthcare for All is a “Progressive, all in no one out” bill (HR 676), that MUST BE PASSED to put to resst, once and for all, this stinking CORPORATE COUP of Our Beloved America!


Foxconn coming right behind/ahead


I just want to say thank you to those protesting today-----I was watching Cspan and it is so wonderful to hear true patriots in these halls of corruption -THANK YOU!


So the war criminal John McCain, even though he is probably dying, still has enough energy to show up to help the psychopath McConnell strip healthcare from millions and destroy the lives of millions more who depend on Medicaid. Where did these pigs come from?

At least McCain did time for his crimes. Too bad they couldn’t have put Kissinger, Nixon and McNamara in the same jail with him. What is wrong with the GOP and many Democrats? Why do they hate people so much?


I would really hope some organization with ability will announce a campaign to track deaths of citizens denied care if this passes. Then in the home districts of those in Congress who vote for it, post obituaries and mention the member of congress. Also send black invitations to each such member inviting them to offer eulogy at the funerals.


Great idea Joe!


These so-called “people”, are ne’er-do-well sorts, who would sell their children’s future for a hefty check. First-off, “they” checked-in with the “its” corporations, and then after some “freebies” and $$promises$$, checked-out as full-fledged “its”. Now, ready to put on their masks that only the “Joker” from “Batman” would find amusing.