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'Kill the Bill, Not Us': Trumpcare Resistance Turns Up the Heat on GOP


'Kill the Bill, Not Us': Trumpcare Resistance Turns Up the Heat on GOP

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senate Republicans have once more indefinitely delayed a vote on Trumpcare, but resistance groups have not used this as an excuse to scale back their efforts to stop the legislation.


I saw NO MENTION of Single Payer in this article. Is that an “oversight” by this writer, or the cited groups, strong text****strong text


And the worst evils perpetrated throughout history are repeated today with a reach that circles the planet (unlike the days of Eugene Debs): “…in this high noon of Christian civilization money is still so much more important than the flesh and blood of childhood. In very truth gold is god today and rules with pitiless sway in the affairs of men.” (Eugene Debs)

McConnell and his evil-doers who crafted the Death Act will carry the deaths caused by their skulduggery to their graves and beyond.


People are making a big mistake calling the bill “TrumpCARE.” (emphasis added)

It has nothing to do with caring, and we should never suggest that it does by calling it that.

Something like “TrumpKILL” would be a much more apt – and useful – appellation.


Protests should not end until this bill is completely defeated and the representatives voted out of office. In the mean time fix ACA or follow the example of the rest of the civilized world and adopt Universal Health Care.


These are just rough figures but it appears Obamacare in 2016 cost taxpayers about 110 billion. Meanwhile military spending during that same year was about 600 billion. The implication of the figures from a Christ follower’s perspective represent insanity. On the one hand we have the amount we are willing to spend to save the lives of God’s children. On the other we have the amount we are willing to spend to kill God’s children in other lands. Meanwhile the Roman Catholic pope has stated another name for God is, “Mercy.” I think the GOP needs to do a bit of soul searching to decide what they truly stand for.


This article isn’t about single payer, it is about resistance to what Senate Repugs are attempting to shove down our throats. Jake Johnson has shown himself to be very progressive, and may indeed become one of the more important voices of the coming decades.


Stay healthy, you won’t like the alternative


This is the root cause of the healthcare problem , not just in the USA but worldwide


One of the problems (and why it’s coming down to this) is how many Americans have rolled over for so long. Just today The Nation ran an article on how America’s entire standing is collapsing in Europe and the Middle East basically overnight-yet go down to your local coffeehouse and see if anyone is even discussing what is going on.
The country is still in shock over Trump. Now some are beginning to realize they’d better get out of shock mode real fucking fast-Grandma is about to be let out in the street to die. This country is nauseating.


That adds NOTHING to this discussion.


In a recent news report it was said that the President wants to put the healthcare issue behind him as soon as possible to get on with other things. With the medical care of over twenty million Americans hanging in the balance does it seem unreasonable to ask that this matter be weighed carefully; that time is granted for all sensible concerned voices be allowed to be heard.


You cannot mention every issue, which needs to be addressed, every time you make a statement. Otherwise there will be no time and space to get your message across.
As an example here is my list of what needs fixing in our country:

Among all the thirty or forty wealthiest nations we are unique in:
• Not having universal health care
• Not having paid parental leave
• Not even having statutory paid annual vacations
• Not having free post secondary education
• But: Having the world’s highest rate of incarceration
• Having a for profit prison system
• Having government sanctioned torture
• Having police with a de facto license to shoot minorities as long as the where holding an object, which with a lot of imagination could be assumed to be a weapon
• Having militarized police attacking peaceful demonstrators
• Taking licence to attack other nations at will
• Having the most costly Armed forces in terms of actual size as well as GDP
• Having more than 100 oversea bases, compared with Russia’s 3 and China’s 1
• Having by far the highest rate of mass killings
• Having by far the costliest health care system but are rate 37th in service (WHO)
• Having elected a President, who thinks grabbing female genitals is a privilege that comes with wealth.

Surely you do not suggest, that each of these item be included in every article, written on how to resist?


Mitch McConnell has disgraced his office by not sending this bill to committee. He is just trying to ram it through by giving away things to Republican senators. The Senate is supposed to be a deliberative body where legislation is given careful thought and not rushed through. McConnell is doing an end around what the founders of this country tried to establish. Whether or not this bill ultimately ends up as legislation it needs to be thoroughly examined by both parties and the public needs more of an opportunity to weigh in. Of course McConnell knows the bill is so awful it would never pass if things were done the right way so he has chosen to do things the wrong way. Why does this guy keep getting elected in Kentucky? Is McConnell the best his district can come up with? That would be hard to believe.


It’s important that McConnell’s bill goes down. The ACA may not be popular here, but it does inculcate the principal that all should have healthcare coverage and the government (public) has a roll in supporting it. Sometimes you just need a win, and this bill going down would be one, even if things continue to be rocky with Trump at the helm.


Pretty good list. Should I take you to task for neglecting environmental issues? Please don’t take that seriously.


But, but DJT will NEVER read the text of the bill…he is too busy posing, primping, and glad-handing. Like any petty despot, he simply mandates that it be passed as his word is everyone’s command…


Will someone please do the math here? Healthcare is 1/6 of our economy =s $18 Trillion economy xs 1/6 is about 3Trillion. 3Trillion xs 20% profit = $600 Billion in profits in the Healthcare Industrial Complex. Reducing that figure to 10% profit =s Medicare-For All. How? 1/2 of $600 Billion being 300 Billion in profit, still in the black after guarenteeing a 10% profit. There are 25 million people that still lack health insurance. 300 Billion divided by 25 million people =s about $ 15,400 per person or about a $1250.00 monthly individual health insurance policy.
If that’s too much then divide it by 1/2 and provide a $625.00 a month policy and give the rest to 25 million Medicaid recipients.
And we’ve still got $300 Billion left over in profits to do medical research. pharmaceutical research and good health promotion, et al.
A not-for-profit healthcare system, using these numbers, would equal a tax cut for all taxpayers, correct? A potentially substantial one for only the middle class, right? And. as the GDP grows, so should the profits, or benefits, grow? Is that correct?
Am I missing anything, here?


Primping? Is that what you call what he does with his hair?:wink:


I don’t know that you are missing anything, but your math doesn’t mean I want McConnell’s bill to pass. There are institutional reasons for this too that are very important. Once McConnell’s Medicaid cuts get locked in, to reverse them, Democrats would have to target other programs to make “room” under the rules. Unfortunately, some “rules” are actually law so it’s not as easy as changing them by majority vote. We really really don’t want McConnell to be successful, as much as you might think–and you may not–wrecking healthcare would lead to single payer.


Well, that’s now moot since the bill’s support just collapsed. And, I’ve been a Single Payer supporter since 1987.
How about U?