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Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore Air Force Whistleblowers


Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore Air Force Whistleblowers

John Hanrahan

The polls show it and commentators of all political stripes often cite the figures: Killer drone attacks by the U.S. military and the CIA in the Greater Middle East and Africa have strong U.S. public support.


Of course, slanted news coverage of these things is extremely important. But it seems to me that with all the dystopian movies out there, people with any imagination at all should find the proliferation of drones frightening. And how many actually believe that dead innocents are rare? Sure, the corporate media can see that they don't suspect just how bad it is, but are they not troubled by the illegality of this?


To those who build the drones, build the payloads, operate the joysticks, beat the war drums, authorize the missions, condition the public "mind" toward hate and fear, etc., who the hell raised you?


When the courts (and justice system) function as intended, an individual who has been misled and on the basis of that misleading information experienced a loss is able to sue and hold accountable--the individual or entity that used deception to win its aims.

I always counter the typical polling numbers on matters like Drone Strikes because the public IS so fully misled on the subject. When one adds in the segment of the population that is so utterly convinced of the "us versus them" narrative as reinforced by the sport's world's team focus, fundamentalist religious houses of worship, and a mass media infused by deceivers... it's not a surprise that slightly more than half the public would show support for drones.

Imagine the numbers if THE TRUTH--as conveyed, in part, by the Four Drone Whistle-Blowers--were actually known!

Polling people on the basis of propaganda delivered 24/7 doesn't measure opinion. It measures how effectively the deceit is operating.

"When President Obama or a proven liar about the drone program, CIA Director John Brennan, propagandize about drones and how wonderful and precise and well-nigh infallible they are in crushing extremists, not killing civilians and making us safe — that is what the mainstream media dutifully reports as news. But when four drone whistleblowers — who sat at the very heart of the system guiding Hellfire missiles from Predator drones to human targets in Afghanistan and Iraq — come forward to undermine that tidy little story, those same news outlets turn their collective back."

It's called Operant Conditioning and it works like this:

"Given the Obama administration’s control of the drone narrative and the paucity of mainstream press coverage, the 35 percent opposition figure shown in the Pew Research Center’s poll in May is a bit surprising for being as high as it is. Especially given that so many Americans buy into the notion that the nation is in a war against terrorism, that drones make us safe, and that killing remotely by drones is preferable to sending U.S. soldiers into combat areas and risking their lives."

Incidentally, that's probably the same 35% who would NOT have administered the fatal electronic surge in a Milgram style "just following orders" test.


To those who build the drones
build the payloads
operate the joysticks
beat the war drums
authorize the missions
condition the public "mind"
toward hate and fear, etc.
who the hell raised you?

To slightly update Bob Dylan:

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build all the bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks...

Unless the US corporate media don't report it.


Those people were raised in Fascist Amerika. Not much different than the people raised in Fascist Germany and brainwashed by the Third Reich. They were the "good " Germans and now we have the "good" Amerikans.


I think the following illustration sums up the propaganda program of the U.S. government and the mainstream media very well.


Of course not surprising at all and I expected this news blackout. The Fourth Estate exists to protect the Fourth Reich. The Goebbels, corporate, networks have been doing blackouts to protect the politically, powerful, economic elite ever since their political assassinations of JFK,MLK, RFK, and Paul Wellstone among others. And they are very powerful propaganda networks! One does not need to look at the cover-up of 9/11 to see that even this most asinine government conspiracy theory that is nothing more than a government fairy tale is still being accepted as gospel by the MSM, when there is a plethora of evidence that the MSM is protecting the elite.


" Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore Air Force Whistleblowers"

I actually read it first on CNN (just happens to be my first link on the menu).

Let's look at it this way and that's why it's not big news: The equivalent of 3 corporals and a sergeant are questioning national policy. Used to be at that level we only gripe about the chow at the mess hall. Hey, I guess times have changed...


"You're either with us, or you're with the whistleblowers."


How much "who"(humanity/empathy) is inherent/present in the psychopathic mind?
Maybe more appropriate - "what" raised them.