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Killer Lines, Killer Cops and Trump’s Vote-Heist Dress Rehearsal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/30/killer-lines-killer-cops-and-trumps-vote-heist-dress-rehearsal


Thank you Greg for a huge eye opening, brain enlightening, truthful article regarding our pathetic voting process in these United States! We won’t get fooled again, resist the onslaught against all of us citizens, get up, stand up, stand up for your rights! Peace


Good article by Greg Palast. A dress rehearsal for Trump’s vote-heist in November?


How can we put an end to this “voter purging/vote dumping?”

I’m tempted to get really nasty here, but I’ll make one recommendation. Instead of “provisional ballots,” given to those voters not on the polling station’s rolls, simply be tossed, make that action of “tossing in the trash” those provisional ballots, a “Felony” punishable with a minimum 5 year prison sentence.

Then, have a group separate from the polling station investigate thoroughly, as Greg Palast did in Georgia, why these folks were not on the polling station’s rolls.

Sure, this would require more effort, time, and money, however, in the end it would prevent much of the corruption of the two corporate political parties trying to manipulate election results favorable to their party.


Great song, but far from reality, I’m afraid.


I really think we need Pres. Jimmy Carter to oversee this election. He has international experience.


And on those killer cops we start by removing their guns:

It’s Time to Disarm the Police

It can be done. Just look at London!


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If you can beat 'em

Enjoin 'em

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Reissue the Viet Nam occupation era bumper sticker that reads YOUR LOCAL POLICE ARE ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

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Like the UN, the Carter group refuses to attempt to monitor an election which does not meet international standards.


Yes, I was going to ask, “Where are the lawsuits?”


To be clear, I was using “enjoin” in the sense of

prohibit, ban, bar, prevent, inhibit, interdict

A perhaps less than deft play on words meant to summate the GOP’s electoral stratagem.

But your point’s taken. Where the deuce has the Democratic “leadership” been these democratically diminished decades of actual “vote fraud”, other than to pay thin lipped service to decrying it, talking a most muted talk while walking nothing so much as a quite skilful reenactment of the semifamous Monty Python sketch centered around the Ministry of Silly Walks.

One theory is that there is no actual interest in increasing the numbers of voters of color and/or lower income class classification, for to do so would change the party’s demographics beyond a manageable mix.

Thus we witness the fetid focus on the “independent voter”, and the theology of Triangulation along the Third Way, which has done simply wonders for the party’s fortunes, hasn’t it just?

Circumscribing the electoral landscape benefits the interests of both party’s mandarins, who serve divergent yet overlapping segments of the exploitocracy, and want naught to do with empowering those they victimize.

Or something to that effect …


There are so many outrages in this country, denial of voting rights being among the most consequential, and NOBODY DOES ANYTHING. We need a new era of economic boycotts, sit-ins, occupations, and ostracism. Stacy Abrams should have led a nonviolent revolt after the last Georgia gubernatorial election, but mainstream Democrats are incapable of action. It’s really up to the people (which is sad, because it was the people who gave us this failed state).


The latest report of the entrenched racist brutality, organized violence and killings by the largest police gang in the nation: The Los Angeles Sheriffs. The pattern of racism, atrocities, murders, and impunity are legion - White, Black, Latino, Asian cops, all violent thugs - and unless there is a fundamental change and shift in funding to community there will be a reckoning.

The police have made themselves a jobs industry that includes for-profit prisons, hiring and “training” the most violent and abusive to all people they come in contact with - trained" to suspect, attack, provoke, to dehumanize, to treat like dirt, and kill with no need at all except their own depraved indifference for all others!

No nation can survive under such a thumb of official protected criminals with badges - with carte blanche to do whatever they want to exercise their inhumanity and racism - all protected by “unions” prosecutors, judges and lawyers, and all the accessory players of the cop business! The Prison Industrial Complex!

No Justice, NO PEACE! Defund! Disband! Prosecute and imprison the true criminals and their bosses!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/01/los-angeles-sheriffs-department-reckoning-police-shootings - This report is an indictment of the LASD - the Killer Department - who are a law unto themselves that murder with impunity - a must read!


Oh yes, your word play was perfect and your point was quite clear: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But since we have failed for the past 34 years (DLC) to prevent the “loyal opposition” from being merely loyal, we are stuck with trying to “cure” them, no pun intended.

(I also like “exploitocracy.” I hope it isn’t copyrighted!)

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There is no cure for collusion

Only radical surgery can excise such cancer from the body politic.

The employment of the term is allowed under the doctrine of fair use. Proper attribution would be appreciated.

“Killer Clown” is, however, proprietary.

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Thank you Greg for all you do, you are truly an investigating journalists. I’ve listened to Thom Hartmann since 2004 and he has you on his show at least yearly if not more and saw you speak in Portland Oregon over 10 years ago.

Nothing ever gets done about voter suppression because the republican party is so powerful and lawless. But you’ve shown the dems over and over again but I don’t hear most of them discuss it and doesn’t demand the media listen to them or would the media listen? Again, thank you Greg.


Couldn’t get it threw the Senate and under Obama why didn’t he do it? duopoly


Why are dems silent on this? Every time there’s a story about KY polling places closing I expect to hear something about a lawsuit–but there’s nothing, not even an outcry from someone in Congress, when there’s a doubt in no one’s mind that the whole polint is to make it illegal for Democrats to vote.


I certainly hope you are right but you can bet your last $ that Trump and his Republican, organized crime syndicate are planning their corrupt strategy how to fool us again in November.