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Killing by Committee in the Global Wild West


Killing by Committee in the Global Wild West

Pratap Chatterjee

The myth of the lone drone warrior is now well established and threatens to become as enduring as that of the lone lawman with a white horse and a silver bullet who rode out into the Wild West to find the bad guys.


From Mr. Chatterjee’s informative article:

“Chappelle’s studies have already shown an increased level of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among these personnel. He is now working on new studies aimed at focusing on exactly which of them are most affected, at what point in the decision-making, and why. The Air Force hopes that Chappelle can help them reduce the incidence of PTSD – from which they are losing personnel – by offering advice on just how psychologists and chaplains working alongside drone operators might counsel them on their ongoing traumatic experiences.”

I have been posting the link to Abby Martin’s expose on the emphasis on Christian “faith” inside military chains of command. (I’ll post it again). It’s quite relevant.

There is a huge danger implicit to this idea that people can be trained or socialized to ACCEPT carnage as a job-skill or way of life. What will it ultimately mean to any society to socialize OUT of human beings the CONSCIENCE that is IN PLACE to ensure that they not kill others… particularly in random missions for empire and the violent conquest of foreign lands and people?

The dark irony is that those who purport to be Christian (or Jewish, for that matter) should take the 10 Commandments seriously. What part of “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is being expunged when alleged religious leaders show up to compel young, naïve drone pilots that it is their Christian duty TO kill?

This is insane.


It is high time we stop killing civilian members of the populations of our supposed allies and instead figure out how we can replace fossil fuel with renewable energy and still give our too big to fail fossil fuel corporations as much income each year as they get now from extracting fossil fuel and selling it to be burned. Replacing fossil fuel with equipment to harness renewable energy including upgrades to the grid needed both to integrate wind and solar into the grid and triple our electric supply to replace the 2/3 of our energy that we use for other than electricity, buying that equipment from too big to fail Military Industrial Complex firms with money diverted from military pork by the same firms getting the renewable energy equipment contracts, should reduce air and water pollution enough to save enough money on health care to pay for the cost of all that equipment and then some once the savings kick in. We should be able to place the equipment with electric utilities to maintain and operate for their share in the profits from selling the electricity and pass on most of those generation charges to the fossil fuel firms to make up for their loss of sales to this equipment. We can also have fossil fuel firms drill for geothermal instead of gas and oil, and have coal firms make tunnels to hold HV-DC lines and all sorts of other transportation infrastructure out of the way of weather and NIMBY.