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Killing for Conservation? Outrage After Auction Winner Fells Endangered Black Rhinoceros


Killing for Conservation? Outrage After Auction Winner Fells Endangered Black Rhinoceros

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A Texas man who won a controversial $350,000 auction last year for a permit to kill a black rhinoceros on Monday felled one of the endangered giants in Namibia, prompting immediate condemnation from conservation groups and experts who say the slaughter sets a dangerous precedent.

The kill by 36-year-old Corey Knowlten, who hails from Dallas, was captured on video by a CNN team that accompanied him (warning: footage may be disturbing).


Classic example of a prick trying to prove his manhood with a gun.


The killer has more money than integrity or brains. He can now brag that he is the only kid on his block with the head of an ENDANGERED black rhino on the wall in his trophy room. Why not just DONATE $350,000 to the International Fund for Animal Welfare to contribute to the conservation of the species? He could even write the donation off his taxes. Nah, that would not look so good on his wall.

And, I wonder how much CNN paid him to accompany him and film the stalking, corralling and ultimate killing? Probably enough to cover the entire trip and the $350,000.


CNN is looking for ratings and nothing more showing just how pathetic this so called “news organization” is. Then there are those people, some of whom post here, that advocate this so called “free market” claiming that in paying 350000 for this kill the jerk in question “created value and wealth”.

Everything has a “price” according to this thing called the market and the market determined that a Rhino suddenly has “value” if it is killed.

Sick freaks.


Can he not be given a job as an executioner in one of the states that still have capital punishment?


Hunting trip? All the feather brain had to do was point the gun and fire it - all the other work was done by others. Money provided the rich boy with the privilege or murdering this rare animal. Just another reason to despise extreme wealth. He will return to Texas a hero and probably will be recognized by their derelict governor and legislature for risking his life in the heat of the vicious hunting battle. I wish the Rhino would have stomped him into oblivion. The great white hunter represents everything wrong with America.


Its unreal that CNN would air such a thing. I am glad I stopped watching them years ago and I am really glad that Jon Stewart exposed them. Disgusting!