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Killing Gaza


Killing Gaza

Chris Hedges

Israel’s blockade of Gaza—where trapped Palestinians for the past seven weeks have held nonviolent protests along the border fence with Israel, resulting in more than 50 killed and 700 wounded by Israeli troops—is one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.


My heart aches for the Palestinians who yearn for their peaceful existence of yore. Also, for those Israeli citizens who oppose the oppression of the Palestinian people by their government. My heart additionally aches for those of us in the US who watch as our government runs cover for the forces of empire. Empathy is a bitch.



Our Grandmother Biosphere weeps at the injustice.



Message to the Israeli Government - What’s stopping you from setting up the ovens? Do you really think you’re being more “humane” by prolonging this genocide over decades while pretending to be the “good guys”? Have you learned nothing from the holocaust, or was that simply an instructional time for you on how to conduct your own brand of genocide while maintaining the public image of a repressed people?

Thank you Chris for reminding us that human beings don’t deserve to be treated this way, and what evil actually looks like.


When will, “What goes around comes around” come to the Murderous Bullies of this world?

The government of the United States of America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia must be severely taught a deadly lesson that they only know how to dish out.

It may be an excuse for the Bullies to declare War and kill even more indiscriminately, however, justice none the less. True justice, if the “Head” bully is eliminated.


The picture at the top is worth a close look. The woman in black has sadness in her eyes and determination in her carriage, as does the girl on the right. The city streets are clean, despite the non-stop bombings, water-power-gas cut-offs, etc.

The people of Palestine have been continually beaten down, but not defeated. Truly a wonder of humanity and its will to struggle, survive and be decent. On the Eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Nakhba, thanks to the peoples of Palestine for showing all humanity of what we are capable of. And thanks to Chris Hedges for continuing to commit the crime of real journalism.



This morning on Morning Joe, the MSNBC morning show, the much respected foreign policy professional Richard Haas, who has been a special and honored guest on Bill Maher’s talk show, said the US was “beyond” the Palestinian issue. According to Richard, Palestine has had many opportunities to seek peace with Israel and had blown each and every one. Haas is an excellent proxy for mainstream American sentiment regarding Palestine: that cursed place and its people just do not matter.

In a decade or two, history will not be kind to defiant Israel and its main if not sole supporter, the freedom-loving and infinitely humane US.

American disregard for Palestine is cravenly callous and off-sides with every other democratic nation in the west.

While most Americans now admit with shame that they abused African Americans for centuries, and regret their support for the white, apartheid government in South Africa, very few Americans show any support or sympathy for those damned to live under extreme and deadly Israeli repression in Palestine.

Tragically, that has a zero chance of changing under Trump.


The government of Israel long ago tore its ostensible god apart with its apartheid obsequiousness to bald, bloody power and undermined the lessons gained from the kibbutz.

If I consider the Hindu notion of kali yuga, and the much younger notion of the return of the ‘christ’, we still run into the human difficulty of all of the powers that eschew ideas and methods that respect natural cycles with the exception of using them for ‘advantage’ - which, by definition is short term. Hence, collapse is inevitable.

BDS is calling for all artists to boycott Aug 15-17 2018PopKultur in Berlin unless and until it drops Israeli sponsorship


Thanks to Chris Hedges, Max Blumenthal, and Dan Cohen for telling the truth about Gaza.
We Americans need to face this horror in order to counterbalance all of the pro-Israeli myths
which dominate our mainstream media.

How can a society vilify a Saddam Hussein, a Bashar Assad, a Muammar Quadaffi while at the same time glorify the Israeli Government and Military for being equally as cruel and bloodthirsty.

It seems to me that we have one standard for our “friends”, and a very different one for those who we decide are our “enemies”


Empathy is what makes us human. If we lose empathy, we lose our own life and become automatons of Empire. So glad to hear that there are those that can still bear the pain of empathy.


Sooooo, someone please explain to me how these Zionists are any different from Hitler?!


Adolf Hitler was a brutal fascist thug who was America’s enemy; Bibi and his fellow Zionists are brutal,fascist,thugs that are Amerika’s friends.


Yes, the U.S., South Africa and Israel are all “settler” nations that did whatever they wanted to the existing populations. They usually has some religious stance and self-righteousness behind it to justify slavery, human rights abuse and genocide.


At certain stages the U.S. and many of its business leaders and citizens were very supportive of Hitler. Lindbergh, Ford Motor and the Bush family Union Bank were among the crowd. Much of the U.S. was pacifist until Pearl Harbor which may have been another 9/11. The U.S. government was also very accommodating to many of the Nazi leaders after the war - particularly if they could help with weapons development, intelligence against the Soviet Union and other things.


Yes, very true! But the US demonized Hitler…


Organized Jews reserve for themselves the right of lethal discrimination in pursuit of subjugation and plunder as they tar their critics< “anti-Semites”. The, attach the label as a debate/thought stopper (no need to look further), much like attaching the label “leading State sponsor of terrorism” to Iran. (This label is nonsense, of course, but it can deceptively slip past one’s conscious critical attention and accepted as fact. That is the goal of these oft-repeated labels. Destroy your opponent without being able to make a case.)


This is an important observation. Thank You.


So instead of using ovens, they have turned all of Gaza into a slaughterhouse?


Other red herring words include “communist,” “socialist,” “purist,” “not-pragmatic,” “not-willing-to-compromise,” “populist,” “emotional” … THE LIST IS NOW OPEN


Gaza is the new Warsaw and Palestinians with slingshots are the new David facing the Israeli/US Goliath. The story is the same only the names have changed.