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Killing Me Softly with Militarism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/24/killing-me-softly-militarism


I strongly agree with Mr. Astore. Tying patriotism to how militaristic our nation has become is frankly, sickening to me.

Sure, I grew up playing with little green army men and watching “Combat,” but the dissolution of the draft and the hiring of paid mercenaries, which they try to legitimize by calling them “private contractors” in order to hide from America how they are lining the pockets of wealthy Oligarchs, instead of having an all volunteer military, is pure perpetual thievery.

Nothing less.

It has less to do with protecting our country and much more with making money for those who heavily invest in the war machine.


People that enlist into the armed forces are trained to be killers for the empire. Would be nice if they enlisted to learn about diplomacy.


Since at least 9-12-01 (if not before), USA has been a defacto military dictatorship. In all our phony elections, there is only a choice between pro-war Democrats & pro-war Republicans. Anti-war politicians or citizens are smeared as Russia-loving homophobic racist anti-vax anti-flouride birther knuckle-dragging pro-Trump troglodytes. There is no way in our so-called ‘democracy’ to ever vote against war, & just speaking out against war assures social isolation & likely the ruination of your career. It’s horrible, but we need to speak it out loud before we can figure out if there is a solution…


My mind was whirling, as I read this piece.

Ironically I had just been reflecting on my own military experience, and that of my father and one uncle, who were Marines in WWII.

First, if anyone had tried to make a big, pompous deal out of their ‘service’ during the war, they would have rejected it, completely. There was something that needed to be done. They did it. They came home, back to their lives, their families, and that was that. They never boasted. Hell, they barely, if ever, even talked about it.

I guess I follow in their footsteps, and what I did was a job, for a few years. Period.

All this everyone who is in the military today is a ‘hero’, a ‘warrior’. People need to stop and think that they might be wildly applauding barbers, dental techs, accountants, and an entire host of ‘professions’ that have zip all to do with combat, although, the marketing says that’s what they all were doing. They were all ‘snake eaters’, an old term for what now is called ‘special ops’.

And that’s my final point. This whole militarization of our society, the con game par excellence, is nothing more than marketing. Those who make their obscene profits on the backs of the poor ‘volunteers’, desperate for money in our capitalist nightmare, and conning the rest of the viewing public, are just hawking the new scam, as if we’re all strolling down the midway that P.T. Barnum would have loved.

No. Ya know what, that isn’t my final point. There’s no wonder veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 22 per day, when they’be been sold a bill of goods, they come home totally fucked up, and get hailed as returning saviors of the new gilded age.


ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLES I’VE READ IN YEARS- LITERALLY! It is perhaps THE foremost article that directly address the reasons for the current state of affairs in America, itself [as opposed to its image elsewhere. America is decaying from within. Morals and ethics are becoming endangered species. If you CARE about your children and grandchildren reading this article is, in my opinion, a MUST.


I think Vietnam was when we institutionalized militarism and intervention in other countries to advance our own interests, which are really the interests of corporate and political entities, and not necessarily advancing the interests of America generally.

Exactly! The Empire of the Third Reich was supposed to have been destroyed in WW11; but alas… it just metamorphoised into the Empire of the Amerikan…Fourth Reich!

I agree. They are private contractors that are called " defense contractors" which is Orwellian. But for most Americans, it makes them seem legitimate. If the truth were known, they would be called: OFFENSIVE WAR CONTRACTORS TO PROTECT THE VESTED INTERESTS AND THE HEGEMONY AND HUBRIS OF THE 1%!.

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It appears that you and I see eye to eye on this issue.

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