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Killing Net Neutrality Is the Latest Example of Trump’s Hollow Populism


Killing Net Neutrality Is the Latest Example of Trump’s Hollow Populism

Jud Lounsbury

What would happen to small, independent outlets, like the one you’re reading right now?

"Right now, the Internet is allows users to “surf” wherever they want, with all sites having equal access—accessibility is, by rule, neutral. Imagine, though, if only some sites were accessible with just a click, while others took forever to load?"


And it still absolutely blows my mind how so many Americans are so incredibly brainwashed and stupid that they either don’t see what Trump is doing (how can they not, when it’s all over even the MSM), or they don’t care. When Trump does the EXACT opposite of what he promised everyone, over and over and over and over again, what is it that makes all those people forgive him for all of the lies and flip-flopping? Are they really TRULY so utterly worshipful and in love with this demagogue? Is it his big middle finger he gives daily to decorum and propriety and politeness and class, that they find so great, because of their hatred for the “Establishment,” that they will forgive him everything else? His hatred and divisiveness and racism and xenophobia? They SO relate to his crude, vulgar, crass personality that they will forgive all of his lies and deceptions?

I just don’t get it. He was right - he really could kill someone on 5th Ave and the vast majority of 1/3 of this country would not give a damn. How scary is that??


Ever since the SCOTUS handed Dubya the presidency, our local GOP supporters have been ecstatic every time the GOP gets away with lying.

Sad to say they never question how those lies are affecting them. They are just happy that getting away with lies keeps their team on top. The birther movement is their favorite lie.

Sadder to say that they continue to take us down with them.


For people who don’t know what net neutrality is or dont understand it :
Net Neutrality comprises a set of policies that empower Internet users to use the Internet freely like broadband providers may not impair or degrade lawful internet traffic on the basis of content, application, services, or any classes thereof or they must not favor some internet traffic over other internet traffic in exchange for consideration of any kind.
Net Neutrality is the guiding principle of the internet. It preserves our right to browse freely and communicate openly over the internet. Without Net Neutrality, it will be no different than that crappy cable TV service which shows a limited number of channels, all with bad picture quality.
But internet today is a free market, and enforcing Net Neutrality would be like the government impeding the freedom of this market. and abolishing it would encourage investment in the ISP sector.
All points considered I think Net Neutrality should stay. Net Neutrality is the key to freedom and fair competition on the internet, and its repeal would not only result in irreparable damage to consumers, but also everyone in almost every industry.
For More info: https://www.purevpn.com/blog/arguments-against-net-neutrality/