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Killing Someone Else’s Beloved: Promoting the American Way of War in Campaign 2016


Killing Someone Else’s Beloved: Promoting the American Way of War in Campaign 2016

Mattea Kramer

The crowd that gathered in an airplane hangar in the desert roared with excitement when the man on stage vowed to murder women and children.


Violent video games equal mind control. Damn the morality full speed ahead. Out there somewhere there must be a target and associated collateral damage to be bugsplatted. War? Good Gawd y'all! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


Yet countries like Japan have children playing those same video games .

There are a multitude of different ways a group of people can be dehumanized to the point where slaughtering their children is seen as "collateral damage". This ranges from those games to patriotism, from racism to misgony , from their religion to the amount of money they have. The nations that embrace militarism and exceptionalism, those that wave their flags constantly , tend to embrace most of these memes more than any other.


Since we were troglodytes we humans have had this proclivity to have empathy for fellow cave dwellers and none for those foreigners who would take our prey, leave us hungry, and steal our women - but it's OK for us to do this.. Shit leaders can easily trigger this proclivity.
The world sorely needs wise and good leadership.


With all the accumulated knowledge in the world online, we can govern ourselves direct democratically without politicians.


The headline killing someone else's beloved is an apt one. Amerika's drone warfare never kills another human being with a family that loves them; they tell us they are killing "terrorists' "rebels' "ISIS" "Al qaeda" "Taliban" Viet Cong" ad nauseum! Thereby de humanizing them as less than human which justifies murdering them!

Many may be thugs alright, but I also am sure many have families that love them.


Thank you Mattea Kramer, we cannot write about, comment enough about, this war crime. Ultimately, I'm convinced all of this will be exposed and the more light all of us shine on this topic, the better for all.


Could you imagine if the "enemy", whoever that "enemy" is supposed to be, used drones to take out top members of the U.S. establishment? The corporate sponsored U.S. government can easily be viewed as a terrorist organization, especially by the victims of their policies. After all, U.S. weapons manufacturers are responsible for arming ruthless dictatorships around the world more than any other adversary. So if a group of clever people, friends and families of innocent bystanders killed indiscriminately by American drones, created their own drone force and targeted Congress for example, would the American population recognize the irony or would they merely rally around their government and demand more killing in return? Or if an "enemy" drone were to take out for example an American drone base, would the government call it a terrorist attack or recognize it as an act of self defence? We all know the answer to that question, yet the public in general seem adverse to even discussing our governments role in promoting terrorism around the globe. It could be that the hypocrisy of our governments actions are too difficult to defend but it is probably a result of our collective indifference to anyone dying who doesn't happen to be 'one of us'.


When you think about it that way, election 2016 isn’t so much a vote to select the leader of the planet’s last superpower as it is a tournament to decide who will next step into the Oval Office and have the chance to play god.

True. While the Republican nominees comments are reprehensible, Hillary Clinton has also embraced the brand of war hawk. She proudly emphasizes her role in the decision to launch a mission to murder, not arrest, Bin Laden. She is also an unrepentant regarding her role as a member of the Drone Kill Team's 'Principals Committee' and her decision to support crowd killing (a.k.a. signature strikes). Sadly, Bernie Sanders has not yet come out strongly against the US Drone Murder campaign. Hopeful he will before the campaign is over.

Nevertheless, there remains a great deal of well deserved enthusiasm around Sanders proposals for chipping away at plutocratic foundations in capitalist economics. Sanders campaign's offers an opportunity to build a movement for social justice that encompasses economic equity, sustainability, domestic and international social justice, and peace. Hopefully, people will reject the establishment Democrat leadership's restriction of protests and free speech to designated 'free speech zones'. Hopefully movement building will continue after the nominations and elections.


Classified documents recently leaked to the Intercept by a whistleblower describe the “killing campaign” carried out by the CIA and the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command in Yemen and Somalia.

The US mainstream media has done such an effective job in ensuring little to no coverage of these leaked documents, they serve as a model to authoritarian dictatorships worldwide.


Hi jmowrey,

That is exactly why I went on to make my point that we have an opportunity to build a movement.

Perhaps you did not read the rest of my post:


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Thanks Mattea, for a powerful article. Many are wary of Bernie's approach militarily, but he's still the most sane candidate with any chance of being elected. Lately he's been using the word, "peace", in his speeches. I take that as a good sign that he's trying to separate himself from Hillary. I hope I have the opportunity to vote for Bernie, but my fingers will be crossed.


I don't care how you try to spin this, it comes down to premeditated murder, plain and simple.


"Going to the polls.."? Really? Try descending on Capitol Hill, or better yet, the Pentagon Levée en masse if you really want to end this shit. No? Oh, that's what I thought. (Here comes the Gandhi Brigade)


Or, the world needs humans who refuse to follow blindly.



i'll take both.


Speak for yourself!

I am tired of this form of rationalizing what the military DOES by extending its actions to encompass the so-called wishes of the citizenry. Sure.

When was the last time I was asked? When was the last time Code Pink was asked, or Cindy Sheehan?

What Mars rules does--via its extensive military forces and false narratives, mind control, lies told often, mainstream media propaganda--may draw in the false consensus of SOME; but it hardly speaks for all.

Those who support Trump (as George Lakoff aptly pointed out today) are angry white guys... mostly. And they also happen to gravitate into the armed forces.

What THEY do without any empathy or apology has NOTHING to do with what people, as a citizenry, necessarily know about, understand, or desire.

Now back to catapulting the propaganda... right?


Obama has killed far more children than Osama bin Laden. In fact, i don't think more than a handful of children died on Sept 11, even if the official version of events were true.

Bin Laden, of course was considered a monster beneath contempt. Obama is celebrated as a statesman and peacemaker. If in your life you ever have a chance to meet Obama after he leaves office, I hope you turn away in disgust and refuse to shake the hand of this war criminal and assassin. People who glad-hand murderers like this, and like Kissinger and Bush are disgusting.

Ordinary people across the world are caught in a crossfire between sociopathic mass murderers jockeying for wealth and power.


During her last few years of life my elderly mother would tell me she couldn't remember if it was Osama or Obama. I kept reminding her that there wasn't much difference.