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Killing the Myth of the Gig Economy

Killing the Myth of the Gig Economy

Dean Baker

Many pundit types were thrown for a loop by the Labor Department's release of its Contingent Worker Survey yesterday. The survey, the first one since 2005, showed no increase in the percentage of workers employed as independent contractors, such as those who work for Uber and Lyft.

Those “pundits” work for the 1% who want to turn all employment into unstable “gigs” which represent the best of both worlds for the 1%…no employer commitment to readily expendable, disposable workers…much better than slavery…slaves need to be purchased, housed and fed.

If the media repeats myths about the gig economy often enough those myths become facts for most of the audience and a new normal and new set of expectations becomes embedded in the culture.

Goebbels would be proud to see how well the 1% have refined the propaganda strategy that he pioneered.


sigh… a 1099 worker I am-----------“freedom” to pay both sides of the taxes as I am both employee and employer---------I hate that part. At the moment that’s what IS…but--------it sucks a lot because I never know how much I will make. The one positive--------I can fire myself-------wow what power! : )

“It seems the gig economy means much more to pundits than to workers.”

Stoking up the stocks into bubbles is the purpose. It is an old trick. “You can’t go wrong investing in __________!”

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Gig companies like Task Rabbit help the 1% feel even more powerful. Getting to pull out their clucking iPhone and presto, a “little person” arrives with 5 grocery bags from Trader Joes.

Meanwhile, all of the independents that offered cleaning services, etc take a hit, and they are forced to turn to things like Task Rabbit to supplement their declining independent enterprise.

For the wealthy when have times been better in this country?

But they will fight tooth and nail against ANY gains by the masses.

Fuck them all. (not that ALL super wealthy individuals are callous sociopaths regarding every lower caste, just most)

The worst of the worst of these fucking parasitical companies like Task Rabbit are companies like Design Crowd, where companies submit a creative project to be worked on by designers, then they receive scores of designs (e.g., company logo) from designers from which they can choose.

Who gets paid? Well that one lucky designer out of many many submissions.

How do they get more suckers into their system? Well, they have contests!!! Yes that’s right. How exciting!!!

What a rush!!! Serious iPhone wielding CEOs get to swipe through scores of logos designed specifically for their company from all of those creative little people, and choose one for a big fucking discount.

Tragic part is, the financially squeezed creatives take part in their own creative enterprise demise.

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