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Killing with Robots Increases Militarization of Police


Killing with Robots Increases Militarization of Police

Marjorie Cohn

As in many cities around the country, Black Lives Matter held a demonstration in Dallas to protest the police shootings of two more black men, Alton Sterling of Louisiana and Philando Castile of Minnesota. During the demonstration, Micah Xavier Johnson, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, mounted his own personal, deadly protest by shooting police officers guarding the nonviolent rally. Five officers were killed and seven wounded.


Wasn’t there a killer police robot in Huxley’s “Fahrenheit 451”


The integration of the Police and of the Military will accelerate. A multitude of articles and links have been published or posted here showing how the Military itself was engaged in domestic surveillance.

Added to that I have linked to articles illustrating how the Pentagon’s research arm DARPA , is funding studies to research social media so as to profile peoples and determine which of them will be a security threat based on what they post online or which websites they visit.

This also includes their funding private firms to collect this data but also the development of autonomous robots that will execute a person based on the data collected.


Bradbury’s, but yes.


Robots and drones kill more easily. That’s why they are used: not to fight wars, but for “population control”–for intimidation of captive populations. It is not, strictly, a military tool, but a police tool.

  • The killer does not have to look at the victim
  • The victim does not get to look at the killer
  • The killer need not be at the scene of the crime
  • The decision to kill can be distributed and bureaucratic, whereas before it tended to be clear that some particular person had killed.

All of this means that murderers, particularly institutional murderers, need not be subject to legal restrictions. In the US particularly, it is a means to consolidate the general abandonment of the First and Fourth Amendments.


Thanks, Bardamu!


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