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Kim Jong-Trump


Kim Jong-Trump

Pierre Tristam

There is no pre-emptive military option against North Korea. None. No first strike, no Syria-style “surgical” message, no Israeli-style Osirak bombast, no special-ops bravura. Not unless we’re prepared for immediately triggering war and causing hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of deaths. The only justifiable attack would be in response to a North Korean first strike.


Hollywood is considering making a new movie based on characters from the 50’s, that chronicles the ongoing fuel between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

Based loosely on the characters of “Mighty Mouse” and “Godzilla” it will be titled, “Kimzilla vs. Mighty Louse.”

You can guess who’s who.


It is hard to understand how Trump can be so stupid and how millions of people could have been so stupid to vote for him but here we are. Pierre Tristan has articulated what seems to be the consensus of almost everyone who has analyzed this situation. If the Republican Party had more elected officials with spines they would speak out strongly against the ravings of Trump. But they seem more interested in saving their jobs than saving the world.from nuclear war, and climate change as well. Basically, for Republicans nothing at all matters except for their jobs. When they say it is all about jobs they aren’t kidding.


Because the only other option they had was a proven warmonger. I will not defend Trump but if you give a choice between two evils, most people would rather stay home.


Excellent idea: Trump should just shut up. Besides, I think he’s envious of young Kim’s hair.


Draft dodger Trump is now the war monger. Didn’t he recently say that he wanted to drop a nuke on North Korea for Kim showing us he had the long range missiles to hit us from North Korea. Here we have two mental basket cases. How about a cage match or mud wrestling? Leave the rest of the world out of it. They are both pre Maddona egomaniac sociopaths. .


He didn’t say those works exactly but his language lately points towards that. It is hard for lines like “Fire and Fury the likes the world has never seen before” to be interpreted as anything else than threats of nuclear war.

But yeah I agree that if they want to battle it out, put them in a cage to fight each other. Shame both leaders are cowards who would rather see their own people die.


I’m thinking there was something to that small hands, small dick inferiority complex with Drumpf.

i mean beyond how generally petty and stupid he is.


That’s what this is…a pissing match between two “very small” men.


I would not consider Hillary Clinton a warmonger although I think her views are sometimes too militaristic. But she did play an important role in preventing a war with Iran. And Bernie Sanders voted to support many wars including Serbia, the first Gulf war, and Afghanistan. So by your definition Bernie could also be called a warmonger, although I would not call him that. But importantly Hillary Clinton has a detailed understanding of foreign policy while Trump just got his foreign policy information from TV news, and Hillary Clinton does not make careless statements about nuclear weapons while Trump does. Hillary Clinton also is not impulsive and thinks things out carefully before taking action while Trump is impulsive. The obvious option was to vote for Hillary Clinton to prevent Trump from being in charge of nuclear weapons. I voted for Hillary Clinton and that was one of the reasons although there were many more, perhaps her views on climate change being at the top of the list of the other reasons.


Finally, a writer who sees the absurdity beyond the rhetoric of two very inept leaders–the proper response to the saber rattling talk of both of these characters ought to be gales of increasingly loud laughter to match the increasing absurdity of their florid utterances.


Any conventional attack on North Korea will result in millions of casualties.

Any nuclear attack on North Korea will likely bring Russia and China into a wider war. Look at a map at the proximity of Dongbei, Russian Siberia, and even Beijing. Hundreds of millions of casualties, or perhaps, the extinction of the puerile human race.


Well, the people who stayed home made a tragic miscalculation, because look what we got instead!


Me, too. For the same reasons.