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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Leak Two Days Before Trudeau Buyout Was 48 Times Larger Than First Reported, Probe Finds

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Leak Two Days Before Trudeau Buyout Was 48 Times Larger Than First Reported, Probe Finds

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just two days before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government would purchase Kinder Morgan's faltering and widely opposed Trans Mountain pipeline, British Columbia's Ministry of Environment announced that 100 liters of crude oil had leaked at a Kinder Morgan pipeline pump station—


Whipper snapper M. Trudeau,

You might want to keep in mind that the gates, mapped boundary lines and all of the divide and conquer paraphernalia of your “decisions” are no more than ideations. Mother Earth glances at the activity favoring the drug-of-choice shooting up fossil fuel, for which you bend over for Kinder Morgan and simply hands you the evidence of PHYSICS of Nature!!!

M. Trudeau,
please wake up


Yes, it should be called the Trudeau pipeline. You buy it, you own it, your responsible for the consequences, Justin. That include all the leaks and all the GHG pumped into the air.



Just 4,800
Oil into
Into souls
Into minds
Trudeau dances
trump does a nazi two step
Billions spent
Health care sliowly fades
Affordable housing, Nah!
Education to the abyss
On your knees Trudeau
Oil flakes and brown juice
More cake for the poor!

Buck Zex Nosferatu

Little Justin is an ass and corrupt to boot, to bail-out the Kinder-Morgan pipeline corporate billionaires and push MMGW further over the edge! Pay market rate to corporate scum to buy and apparently operate that monster? Pay pennies and tear it up, fine, but Justin must be simple-minded or in bed with the thieves and polluters.

He should cancel the obscene sweetheart deal and nationalize the pipeline, or buy it really cheap, and destroy it!

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Extractive industries–mining, drilling, logging, fishing–are the second/third largest part of the Canadian economy.

That’s why Trudeau kowtows to that sector: his job depends on it.

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What I’m surprise at is the lack of physical action! People are fools if they think cardboard signs will do anything but represent houses they all will soon be living in just like us in Amerika. To afraid to fight? Ok, suffer… they will keep doing much worse.

It’s also a pretty good time to be a political cartoonist!  I sure wish I could draw . . .

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