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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Might Be Canada’s DAPL


Kinder Morgan Pipeline Might Be Canada’s DAPL

Andy Rowell

In the end, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for all his suave talk of being a new progressive politician, who would era in a new type of politics, turned out disappointingly to be like all the rest. His suit is cut from the same old cloth.


This is good news. The US shouldn't have to fight these pipelines from Canada alone. Standing Rock like fights should be going on on both sides of the border and this indicates it will. Standing Rock is a turning point and a good example of what it takes to shut the damn things down. If it quits being profitable they will quit trying to push them through.


Trudeau clearly has sold out. Bank$ters own him.
There will most assuredly be Standing Rock types of push back, especially and including protesting at banks that fund extractive industries projects.
Wells Fargo here in the US is feeling the effects of No Dapl movement.


The reason I voted Green here in Canada even as there a stampede to trudeau so as to "Get Rid of Harper" was because I did not see a whole lot changing were the Liberals in power. They are still a Corporate party.

Just as an example as how the "illusion" of opposition is created here iN Canada. Trudeau approves the building or expnasion of pipelines that will more then triple Oil exports and claims this will help fight climate change. His reasoning was that with all the revenues generated Canada could then invest it in green technologies. This a real burn the village to save it moment.

At the same time the leader of the Conservatives condemns the Liberals for not approving Northern Gateway. She claims "tens of thousands of Aboriginals were relying on the jobs this pipeline would provide so as to lift them out of poverty",

So one party claims it needs to triple oil exports to "fight global warming" and the other claims we need more pieplines to "lift aboriginals out of poverty". It all so easy for them to advance the Corporate Agenda. Just pretend it all about taking care of the little guy and the fat cats will get even fatter wallets.


I will point out the movement to block these pipelines has been going on a long time in Canada.

Northern Gateway was in fact approved by a previous regime but there was massive opposition to it and cases won in Court. Trudeau saw it as going no where so used that moment to remove it from being approved so as to build his "green" credentials.

Kinder Morgan has also had a lot of work blocked by ongoing protests.

WAY back in the 1970s a major pipeline was blocked in Canada's North that would have taken gas from the Arctic down to Southern markets. All of these involved a very active First nations peoples opposition. I think all of these successes in Canada might well have played a role in encouraging the poples of Standing Rock to exercise their own power. We are all in this together and the First nations peoples realize that better then most.


Awesome. I knew there were some protests in Canada but didn't know how much. Thanks.


When Keystone pipeline was in contention, I researched Canadian energy corporation ownership. There are many energy corporations, but all that I saw had one major owner with controlling interest. China. Which makes sense since , after being transported across North America and endangering American water resources,the oil is refined and then it is sent to China.

We are playing Checkers, while they are playing Chess.


The Standing Rock pipeline transports crude from the Bakken region of N. Dakota to Illinois.
Hopefully, the groundswell of support for the indigenous water protectors in N. Dakota inspires comparable support north of the border. This is indeed a watershed moment in the people's struggle for sanity going forward.


Politicians have the moral certitude and conviction of a weathervane; having stated that, it is in the best interests of the people to generate gale force winds of anti-fossil-fuel sentiment.

Use any and all forms of social media to inundate each and every representative with your concerns, and never stop.

Each new day is another opportunity to flood them until they must either yield to your wishes or be expelled from public office.

Never quit! Never give up.


Well - we voted NDP in both Alberta and the federal election.

Now - Rachel Notley, the current Alberta Premier, wants pipelines, and in Ottawa, Trudeau is happy to oblige. Even had Thomas Mulcair of the NDP won in Ottawa - would the result have been different ?

The Petronas' Pacific Northwest Liquid Natural Gas proposal, a $38 billion dollar venture, zero funding from Canada or the States, is the one that concerns me more than even Kinder Morgan. The proposed pipeline terminates near the mouth of the Skeena River, prime wild salmon spawning grounds along the northern British Columbia coast. Again, Trudeau has conditionally approved it.

No - we are in for a long long battle - everywhere.