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Kindergarteners In Hebron Protest Israel’s Detention Of 350 Children

Kindergarteners In Hebron Protest Israel’s Detention Of 350 Children

Yesterday Palestinian kindergarteners protested Israel’s jailing of 350 Palestinian children, in a march organized by the Hebron-based group Human Rights Defenders and the Palestinian residents of Shuhada Street. Israel detains children as young as 12 years old.

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This article is further proof that Palestinian non-violence is the norm rather than the exception. Also see:

While some have adopted an Israeli narrative that identifies nonviolent Palestinian dissent as something new, the reality is that Palestinians have consistently chosen nonviolent resistance before arms – from the general strikes of 1936, to the consistent appeals to international legal bodies, to the weekly demonstrations against the wall. It has been the continued dispossession at the hands of Israel, and the silence of the international community despite these nonviolent efforts, that has led some Palestinians to view violence as the only option.

We must support these protests by spreading the word about them, as well as adopting and promoting the worldwide BDS campaign.

We cannot lecture the dispossessed about non-violent alternatives, and then undermine or fail to support them when they engage in them.


This is a terrible way to ab/use children. They can’t even read the signs they’re holding. They have no idea what they’re being asked/told to do. They get hauled out of class by their teachers and sent into danger.
No matter how worthy your cause, it’s your moral duty to protect children from the nastiness of the world, not send them into the line of fire.