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Kindness Is A Mark of Faith


Kindness Is A Mark of Faith

In a sordid world, a moment of glad resistance. Shaymaa Ismaa’eel, a young Muslim woman and behavioral therapist attending a Muslim conference in D.C., dealt with a mob of angry goons protesting with signs like “Islam Is A Religion of Blood and Murder!" the best way she knew how: Crouching before them, she posed, glowed, flashed a peace sign. "I wanted them to see my joy,” she said. "I smiled in the face of bigotry, and walked away."

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Funny to think the poor fools/political tools admonishing a person from their own trunk of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) they have been trained - like lap dogs - to divide against… admonish precisely what THEY themselves are in need of.

Ah… the mirror world of the extractivist manipulators. Red white and blue maggot, I mean MAGA eaters.


Two thoughts came immediately to mind:

(1) I really, REALLY love uppity women; and
(2) a quote from M.K. Gandhi—“I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”


Don’t forget the genocidal Four Horsemen of New Atheism–Harris, Dawkins, Dennett, and Hichens. Fact: neoliberal imperialism and endless war has killed vastly more innocent people than the other “religions.” It’s important not to exclude the dominant religious ideology of terror and exploitation when rightfully criticizing other violent religion-based movements. Fact: Reactionary religious movements are often spawned by imperialism. And as we have seen in Syria, they are supported by the imperialists to enable the destruction of coherent political movements that do not bow down before us. The religion-based revolution in Iran after democratically elected, Mosaddegh was deposed by the US and UK, and the Shaw was installed, is case in point.


That’s not the ‘peace sign,’ the peace sign is palm outwards, that’s the British version of ‘giving someone the finger’ in short it means fuck off. It’s history goes back to the battle of Agincourt.

As demonstrated here by the late Will Hay:


Nothing is responsible for more deaths. atrocities, wars, bloodshed, persecution, conflict and general ‘inhumanity’ of man to man than religious ideology, if you can’t see that and make excuses for it, then you’re deeply deluded.


The distinction you make between religious ideology and ideologies like neoliberalism or communism is naive. Wake up and look at the whole picture. The proselytizers of neoliberalism are as dangerous, if not much more dangerous, than those of traditional religions. But let’s be honest, they often go hand in hand. Harris and Hitchens made it clear they would support genocide if they deemed it necessary. There is no difference between dangerous political ideas and dangerous religious ideas–as you have been taught. In the end they are all pathological belief systems. And political religions like neoliberalism are far more powerful today than any religion.


It’s time all faith-based beliefs got the respect they actually deserve: none!


To those “Good Christians” an account of Pizarro in South America.

On November 16, Atahuallpa arrived at the meeting place with an escort of several thousand men, all apparently unarmed. Pizarro sent out a priest to exhort the emperor to accept the sovereignty of [Christianity] and Emperor Charles V., and Atahuallpa refused, flinging a Bible handed to him to the ground in disgust. Pizarro immediately ordered an attack. Buckling under an assault by the terrifying Spanish artillery, guns, and cavalry (all of which were alien to the Incas), thousands of Incas were slaughtered, and the emperor was captured.

Quote from Chief Dan George below.

First we had the land and they had the Bibles, now we have the Bibles and they have the land


Meanwhile these wonderfully dumb imbeciles forgot to read, or could care less, that the evangelical-zionist US-led bombing campaign murdered 1,600 civilians in Syria and have murdered more Afghan civilians than the Taliban has. Iran is right; our military is a terrorist organization. Christianity is the religion of blood and murder.


Here is a current headline on Common Dreams: Economists Warn Trump’s Sanctions Targeting Venezuela ‘A Death Sentence for Tens of Thousands of People’
Wake up, or stop lying.

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Thank you Shaynaa Ismaa’eel; your beautiful smile overshadows any number of
lost and misinformed “boys.” : )




I agree that all ideologies are dangerous and also that religion has been used as a geo political tool by those in power for thousands of years, yet religion has a unique mechanism in its particular ideologies that enables it to consistently and repeatedly perpetrate unspeakable atrocities above all others, which is that it believes it has authority from a higher power that enables it to transcend normal human parameters of morality and decency for the sake of this ‘higher’ cause. Most humans are reasonably decent with an ingrained sense of fair play, cooperative ethics, and inclination to sympathy and compassion, psychologists have demonstrated this by many experiments, you do not need to be religious to have them, they’re hard-wired into our social biology, being a tribal species and all, only psychopaths lack them, yet humans are able to transgress this basic moral programming if they are doing so in the pursuit of a higher cause, a transcendent religious ideal that is concerned with a more important (to their deluded thinking) eternal reality involving such specious nonsense as ‘the soul.’ This happend, for example, in the Spanish Inquisition when humans were enabled to inflict terrible torture, suffering on whom they perceived as heretics, because they believed material suffering was irellevant in the interests of saving someobody’s eternal soul and their religion gave them authority to do this. Similarly, the Spanish and other Europeans in the Americas were able to cruelly, genocidally, persecute the natives because they were heathens and their own brutal actions where therefore God’s work, part of a plan of conversion. Then there is, arguably the biggest genocide in human history, that perpetrated by the Islamic Mughal emporers upon Hindus, wherein they would routinely massacre as many as 100,000 Hindus or other ‘non-believers’; at a stroke.

" “For the sake of Islam I became a
I battled infidels and Hindus,
I determined to become a martyr
Thank God I became a Killer of
Babur Mughal Emporer ruling India from 1526 -1530 AD)

In fact, Islam generally spread by the sword, conquest would be followed by an option to convert to Islam or be put to the sword, and they were able to do this because they had, in their minds, moral authority from God to do so in the interest of promoting their beliefs, something many of them still seem to believe today. Moreover, religious conviction makes one impervious to persuasion and dialogue, making it particularly virulent, uncompromisingly ruthless and nasty.

"“From the time Muslims started arriving, around 632 AD, the history of India becomes a long, monotonous series of murders, massacres, spoliations, and destructions. It is, as usual, in the name of ‘a holy war’ of their faith, of their sole God, that they have destroyed civilizations, wiped out entire races.” Alain Danielou Histoire de l’ Inde

Generally, the deaths and atrocities perpetrated by other ideologues like communism, (or capitalism) do not come close to this perpetrated by religion throughout the thousanbds of years of our bloody history. The examples are so numerous, and in so many different regions around the world, that this would end up a comment as long as 'War and Peace’ if I just tried to list even a quarter of them. And, as far as I’m aware, very few people have ever been killed in the name of aetheism, agnosticism or humanism.

"The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the [destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period.”
Will Durant “The Story of Civilisation

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Thanks for ignoring my point. I am not doing a body count of human history which on the face of it is a spurious argument–particularly because you exclude other ideologies that, in contemporary terms, are far more effective at destroying human beings. If you don’t think WWII was a significant war of ideology as religion, as opposed to religion per se, then you don’t know history. Upward of 100 million died. Funny how you just ignore that.

Of course, I am referring to contemporary power structures which include political and economic ideologies like fascism, communism and the current scourge of neoliberal capitalism that operate as quasi-religious belief systems. Your preoccupation with Islam is a tell by the way. To ignore the ongoing wars for oil and territory, wars to buttress the petrodollar dollar, wars for profit, and war simply driven by the genocidal fevers that afflict self proclaimed “rational thinkers” like Hitchens and Harris, is also a tell. Islamophobia, couched in a lopsided and blinkered criticism of religion is a carefully constructed ideological instrument that has a troubling alignment with the imperialistic interests of the US, UK and particular, affiliated, autocracies and pseudo democracies in the middle east. Unfortunately the New Atheist propaganda you are purveying has been effective in obfuscating the real geo-political agenda that hides behind it. I feel like I should say “Good Job!”


I didn’t ignore your point, I took it head on, it’s just that your point is absurd to anyone with half a brain. My guess is you’re in denial because you are brainwashed religious victim, a sad zealout for your sky fairy who therefore has a religious bias and cannot think rationaly or clearly or see the truth. And now like all bigots, you’re getting abusive, so I will return in kind.

My emphasis wasn’t on Islam I began by mentioning the Spanish inquisition and the genocide of native Americans in the name of Christianity, yet you seem to ignore that and become selective in what you think you read in order to fit your own your prejudices as all religious zealouts are wont to, and anyway to say criticism of a major and particularly violent relgion is classed as a kind of xenophobia is just a way to shut a very pertinent argument down and also an insult to the hundreds of millions who were slaughtered and persecuted at it’s hands. But it’s not unique in that as religions go, if that makes you feel better, as any brief persual of history would reveal to anyone but a closed-minded, sentimental bigot like yourself.

You are the one ignorant of history, which is crammed full of religious war, conflict, atrocity, cruelty and genocide more than any other kind of war, conflict, atrocity and cruelty. Incidentally, your estimates for deaths in ww2 are way over the top, so it’s you who ‘doesn’t know history’ and even then they pale into significance against deaths from religious wars and genocides, not to mention the fact that there was a religious element pervasive through much of that conflicts anyway, including the holocaust itself.

Moroever, it’s only you who says neo-liberalism and fascism operate as ‘quasi- religious belief systems’ and I would refute that silly remark. Communism maybe, yet neo-liberalism? That’s just absurd. It’s just basically a minority of greedy psychopaths trying to plunder common resources and make as much money as possible, I doubt very much they have a little altar with statue of Hayek on it or a dollar and are anything other than arch-materalistic pragmatists devoid of any sort of transcendental sensibilities at all and the rest of us are just swept along with it trying to get by from day to day, often following a traditional religion in the process. That’s just you making things fit your warped picture of the world to protect your sentimental attachment to an imaginary sky fairy out of fear or because you were brainwashed as a child. And talk of ‘genocidal fevers’ of athiests is off the scale nuts. Only folk like you can connect such dots to give such a distorted picture.

Finally, you didn’t address the main point I made about the transcendent power of religion to eclipse conventional ingrained humanist morality. Few other belief systems offer the persistent inclination, even encouragement, to do this.

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Good. Let it out. Now when you feel better, you can pick through what you just spewed out and ask yourself why you think I believe in sky fairies? What is a sky fairy anyway? Never heard of it. For therapy watch this atheist critique your illness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z92RVCXKxWY


Edit: Just noticed this “devoid of any sort of transcendental sensibilities.” That sounds woo woo to me. Did you know that Alan Greenspan laid a wreath in the shape of a dollar sign on Ayn Rand’s grave. That’s very woo woo. It was in the New York Times if you don’t believe me.


Thanks for responding to my points in an intelligent, relevant and measured way, I’m so dazzled by your robust defence of your point of view, I now agree with you and take it all back!

On the other hand, I might just be being sarcastic. As you’re probably American, I thought I might need to explain that to you.

Why do I think you believe in sky fairies? Well, because you’re spending a lot of time bending over backwards, doing all kinds of absurd mental gymnastics and head-in-the-sand, evasive, distortions of sensible rationality to try and defend them, so seem to have a desperate, partisan, vested interest, along with the fact your favour a screen name taken from the Bible. Maybe you’re not such a believer, if you say you’re not, bearing in mind that such denial would make you deceitful, an opportunistic liar, and there’s no evidence of that, though it then becomes baffling as to why you have such a stick up your arse about athiesm…

What is a sky fairy? He/she is an imaginary friend who acts like a kind of security blanket to make you feel better about your life and the world because you’re not spiritually mature or adult enough to face it otherwise. A bit like Santa Claus.

No idea what woo woo means. No idea who Alan Greenspan is nor the athiests you mention, all just stuff from the US media bubble and thankfully I don’t live in that and it’s not that relevant to the rest of us on this planet or our cultural and social references. You need a bigger perspective. Yet anyone can see, laying a wreath on someone’s grave in the shape of a dollar sign hardly a religion of neo-liberalism makes, unless you’ve had a sense of humour byepass and read a lot into very little.


Whatever. Stay in your safe place. In the end what’s the difference between your brand of bigotry and that of a Trump supporter? As far as I can tell, none. Although you do write much better than most white suprematists. Peace.