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King Donald's First Christmas, and America Has No Room At the Inn


King Donald's First Christmas, and America Has No Room At the Inn

Will Bunch

The president spent his holiday congratulating his wealthy friends on the Republican tax bill, as new reports of his bigotry were released


Trump is the defender of white Christians. And particularly those white Christians who believe the US should be a country for white Christians only. This extremist right wing agenda is of course the direct opposite of the agenda of the left, to make the US inclusive for all types of people. What has basically happened is seems is that rather than uniting after the Civil War the US remained the divided. Losers apparently decided to retreat and live for another day. Had Trump lost the election that day may have been the day after election as many of supporters threatened violence and even civil war if he lost, claiming the only way he could lose was if the election was rigged. Maybe Trump’s victory avoided another civil war but now he is engaged in imposing policies of extreme right anyway. The best way to stop him would seem to be a massive backlash against Trump in the 2018 election. We should find out if there really is an America out there in big numbers that opposes racism and does want to work toward economic and racial equality.


Racism is just the tip of that sociopath’s iceberg.


Let’s all pray that King Donald’s First Christmas is also his Last.


Amen. And please pass the porridge…
Or cake! :v:


True, but in my view, it is a misnomer to call them " Christians" if that term means someone that tries to follow the teachings of Jesus. I would call them anti-christians.


Not exactly-- Archie Bunker had a heart.