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King Joe and the Round Table: Biden's America in a Multipolar World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/22/king-joe-and-round-table-bidens-america-multipolar-world-0


Excellent article! A good antidote to the if-we-can-only-get-rid-of-Trump-sters.

Even if it were President Sanders, there’d still be the Congress, still glorying in America’s fabled world dominance, as witness the disgraceful votes to increase military spending when the nation’s overwhelming problems are here at home.

I was pining today about our children, already faced with an underfunded and overwhelmed public education system, who are now faced with learning from home, many without decent internet or computers. The US has allowed its physical and social infrastructure to degenerate, while it lavishes trillions on its military and undertaxation of its super-rich.

We live in a country molded in the image of Charles Koch, a throw-away society where all of us are encouraged to dump our trash on future generations, and where we sing hosannas to the wealthiest who’ve sucked out our society’s wealth, leaving a husk behind.


From Killer Clown to Joe Blow ('Em Up)


I get the feeling US citizens are not on board with the demonization of China and Russia–much as both Republicans and Democrats try to sway them. They care about their own lives above all. Both parties know that the MIC is the source of massive donations, and will keep feeding this perverted monster as long as they can get away with it.


Saw CBS news interview that wise solon, Bill Gates, to get his opinion about Covid-19. He generously offered 350 million dollars to combat the disease. That would be less than one percent of his fortune. Come on, Bill–we want it all, all 70 billion dollars you’ve managed to rip off from ordinary people. We’re coming, Bill, and we want it now.


It’s an amazing thing—but when nations Lose their conscience and turn to threatening other nations, while supposedIy reaIIy believing only they have the answers. That’s pretty much when a person can the that a nation is finished. Kind of Iike that Margaret Thatcher person having to war on the FauIkands —or Reagan having his war on Grenada. And weirdly, with Biden and war —wasn’t it enough for him that one of his sons died in one? .


I’d rather have someone who doesn’t believe in eugenics to fund COVID-19 research personally.


I don’t know, didn’t like 60% of Americans believe the “Putin gave hit lists of U.S. soldiers to terrorists” bullshit?

As much as I want to believe otherwise I feel too many of us are susceptible to this propaganda.


Gates believes in eugenics? Didn’t know. Wonder how his IQ would turn out without all the nurturing by his rich family and without his private school tutoring.

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It’s one thing to sit back in your armchair and hate on those evil Russkies, but it is something else to gear up for conflict. Yawn–these programs get boring after an hour or three…

It is not just in the good old USA, but arms makers around the world such as Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, Canada, to name a few, who need to find a way to cease arming conflicts far beyond their borders for profit. For decades places that rarely make the headlines have been used as laboratories and places to collect data from which to make slick glossy ads to sell to the next arising conflicts. While the US is obviously the greatest offender, the world has got to get on the Peace Train. We cannot stop people from throwing rocks at each other, but do we need to have to arm both sides with modern munitions for profit? It’s not just Biden. It is a system so ossified as to be beyond any one individual’s ability to effect change–it’s MOVEMENT time.

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It is not just in the good old USA, but arms makers around the world

It’s not just the U.S.A. but we do much, much more of it than the rest. The U.S.A. is the only place to start if we’re going to put an end to it. If people in any other country tried to pressure their government into ending weapons exports all their government would have to do is point to us and the argument would be over.

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Two things:

If you’re not a member of CodePink, you should join and toss them a buck or two:


If you’re planning on voting for Biden, don’t.


Last time i looked up the largest munitions manufactures the list looked something like this, oosa, france and sweden had the largest corporations. It was a surprise to see Sweden number three. All the movements for arresting and reversing Climate Chaos need to preach about the pollution caused by munitions, wars and the resulting migration.


Biden is a perverted, predatory sociopathic whore. Go back and watch old videos of his rants, always bragging with his evil smile.
His role in Ukraine encapsulates the essence of his rotted out soul. His pathetic boy prince coke head pampered son was gifted yet again with streams of dollars. Eventually the world will see Biden up close as the empire spirals down.
Fortunately, there is a “resistance”. not much in the “homeland” though.

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