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King Obama, His Royal Court, and the TPP


King Obama, His Royal Court, and the TPP

Ralph Nader

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a global corporate noose around U.S. local, state, and national sovereignty – narrowly passed a major procedural hurdle in the Congress by gaining “fast track” status. This term “fast track” is a euphemism for your members of Congress – senators and representatives – handcuffing themselves, so as to prevent any amendments or adequate debate before the final vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership – another euphemism that is used to avoid the word “treaty,” which would require ratification by two-thirds of the Senate.


Somehow or other, “Mr. Robot” on USA Network, got past the corporate censors.


Thank YOU again Mr. Ralph Nader-
In your usual style you not only illustrate the problem so that the average Joe can understand, but you also offer up some solid and professional political advice on what the average Joe can do about said problem-
For the life of me I can not understand how this Country could pass up the chance to have A truly deserving and GREAT Man such as you to be our President- How different things just might be if you had been elected…


Shouldn’t the court declare this unconstitutional?


TPP fastrack also included an AIPAC anti-BDS amendment:

"TPA, which passed through the Senate and landed on the president’s desk, includes roughly 150 trade negotiating objectives – requirements of the president, as mandated by Congress, to raise specific US priorities in its negotiations.

One of those objectives is to push back against efforts within the EU to sponsor the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel…

Drafting HR 825, then known as the US-Israel Trade and Commercial Enhancement Act, took several months. A bipartisan group of congressmen worked with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on its language.

The purpose of that bill, according to one aide familiar with its drafting, was “to discourage potential trade partners from participating in or promoting politically motivated acts of BDS against Israel, and to seek the elimination of boycotts and barriers to trade where they exist.”…

Only when Congress learned of the Obama administration’s trade negotiations with Europe did Roskam, Rep. Juan Vargas (D-California), and senators Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) decide to piggyback on the president’s effort – and on the accompanying legislation required – to ensure the passage of their effort.

The goal was to enshrine “a principal negotiating objective that reinforces our opposition to official actions that boycott, penalize, or otherwise limit commercial relations with the State of Israel,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) said when introducing the provision as an amendment to TPA…

In its final language, the TPA legislation defines the BDS movement as “actions by states, nonmember states of the United Nations, international organizations or affiliated agencies of international organizations that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with Israel or persons doing business in Israel or in Israeli-controlled territories.”"


the republic was abandoned long ago, while the empire was being built.

Say, 1866 and following years.

Today, there is nothing republican about it. See the Donald prove it daily. See the GOP do nothing about their own internal republican void.

Meanwhile, note how viciously Obama and the elected Democrats have attacked democracy every time it gave off a whiff of being born again.

Rahmbo Rules.

By the way: has anyone put together a list of all the corporations that have donated money to the re-election campaigns of those legislators who voted for Fascist Track?


They should worry because they chose not to do their homework for their home country.

Methinks they’ve done their homework, alright, and they know which side their bread is buttered on.

Storefronts and meetings are great ideas, if enough people come, though, for education, if nothing else. But I likely won’t spend all that time and money helping to organize one—been down that road way too often lately, only to end up feeling bitter and betrayed.

I’m tired of feeling that way and want to enjoy life on earth for a while, before these “trade pacts” take effect and all the laws and regulations so many have fought for crumble, one after the other.


After Charleston there has been many historians, social anthropologists, economic professionals, political scientists and even ex CIA whistle blowers, again dissecting and offering up what is really behind this terrorist attack based in racism and opportunistic gutter politics. The Southern aristocracy has been found guilty on all charges and the signors of The Declaration of Independence and framers of The Constitution have certainly been taken down a couple of notches. By all accounts Malcolm X’s " by any means necessary " could easily describe the behavior of all leaders, whose statues grace our capitals, and whose words are inscribed on our county and federal courthouses. After almost 4 centuries on this continent what is being revealed, at its roots, is not " a shining city on the hill " but a meandering and corruptly run, large scale plantation. Oh, there’s an organizational and hierarchal bent to all who live on the U.S. Plantation; order is certainly important to running such a sweeping enterprise, but it is at its’ essence a master and slave relationship. Carrot and stick, whip and living in the big, white house, walking freely or chained, we are not free. We are being watched and monitored, manipulated to do the master’s bidding and tied to the oars of empire and privilege. Mr. Nader points out what we’re up against, the Houdiniesque escapes and trickery of the master’s goons and encourages us to organize and fight on. But, he says very little about winning, does he? Mr. Nader is a smart man experienced in the corridors of the master’s big white house. He knows what the goons will do, under lawful authority, if the operations of the plantation are challenged. When one stumblebum, mouth breathing jackass said, " slavery was the first example of social security " we should of stopped and exclaimed, " that guy spit out a mouthful. ". And then acknowledged publicly his remarkable insight.


Excellent analysis and suggestions Mr Nader.


Obama’s clandestined meeting with former Congressman turned drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin during his first week in office confirmed his fascist credentials.

During his 2008 campaign Obama serially criticized Tauzin for preventing Medicare from negotiating drug prices, yet Obama had no problem assuring Tauzin that the ACA would also prohibit negotiating drug prices.

Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA enable drug companies to extort money from governments around the globe (via corporate tribunal rulings) that negotiate drug prices, resulting in the emergence of Obama/ Tauzin laws that prohibit negotiating drug prices in any nation signatory to any of Obama’s transfers of judicial authority disguised as “trade deals”.


Ralph Nader’s continued focus on the disastrous TPP is very welcome. Barely a week ago, there was much celebration on the Left over what turned out to be a very temporary setback to rushing the TPP through congress - and since then the Confederate flag brouhaha, and the Supreme Court decisions on The ACA and gay marriage have reinforced the illusion that progressive forces are on the upswing. Only Nader and a few lonely voices are there to remind us that corporate feudalism is growing by leaps and bounds in the waning months of the Obama administration. Thanks, Ralph.


the crooks have won again…

this was a massive political effort to stop the TPA
by progressives and populists
who only represent a small minority of voters.

the crooks know this, and so they made it a squeaker
to give Democrats cover with the left base of their party.

Now watch what happens when the TPP is published for 60-days
before the ‘‘up or down’’ vote…

more smoke and mirrors and another squeaker
but the crooks will win again (and again and again)
until another 1930s Great Depression puts 25% of the workers on
the streets, homeless, hungry and very, very angry.


cf. the 1933 Ermächtigungsgesetz - Full and formal name, Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (in English, Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich) by which the German legislative branch (Reichstag) granted legislative authority to the executive branch, then and for the next 12 years under the control of Hitler. Didn’t end well.


By the way, I wrote a comment to Senator Diane Feinstein in opposition to the TPP. Here’s the good senator’s response/narrative:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

First, please know that as a U.S. Senator, I carefully review each free-trade agreement that comes before me to ensure that the best interests of American workers and businesses are served, and that the agreement will not adversely affect the U.S. economy, human rights, labor rights or environmental standards.

As you are aware, I voted in favor of TPA—otherwise known as fast-track authority—because it grants the President the ability to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I believe that increasing free trade with our neighbors in the Pacific Rim is squarely in our economic and national security interests.

The process of considering trade legislation has enabled me to see the extraordinary importance of trade to California’s economy, and I wanted to share some of this information with you.

Today, trade supports more than 4.7 million jobs in California, and nearly 40 million nationwide. More than 75,000 California businesses export goods out of the state, and 95 percent of those are small- or medium-sized, meaning they have fewer than 500 employees. Since 2009, jobs related to merchandise trade have increased by 11 percent in California, and research has shown that firms that export pay their employees 15 percent more than those that do not.

Three of California’s major sectors benefit substantially from trade:

The services sector—both high-skilled professional services as well as lower-skilled services such as accommodation, food and administration—have helped lead California’s economic recovery since the 2008 recession. Services exports have been a key contributor to that sector. For instance, in 2013, California exported $114 billion in services, a 58 percent growth over 2006. This has translated to job growth: last year, 66 percent of all new jobs in California were in the services sector. By reducing barriers to services exports, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to boost this critical sector of our growing economy.

In 2014, California exported $174.1 billion in total merchandise goods and over the past 10 years, exports from California to existing free-trade partners grew by 50 percent. If past trade deals are any indication of the future, then our merchandise industry will continue to grow under TPP. Today, California’s exports of computer and electronic products face tariffs as high as 35 percent, while transportation equipment and machinery face tariffs as high as 70 percent, both of which will be reduced under TPP.

California agriculture also relies on exports. In 2013, agricultural exports were valued at $21.2 billion, making our agriculture industry the largest by value in the United States. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture study, under TPP nationwide agriculture exports are expected to increase by 5.4 percent by 2025. As with our merchandise exports, our agriculture products currently face steep tariffs in the Asia-Pacific region. Dairy products face a tariff of up to 35 percent in Japan while walnuts face a 30 percent tariff in Vietnam. With these tariffs reduced or eliminated, the TPP will help California’s farmers, ranchers and producers.

The bottom line is that trade has been critical for California’s economic growth, and it will be vital to sustaining that growth.

As you know, past trade deals have negatively affected certain areas of our workforce. This is why in addition to supporting TPA, I also strongly support Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). TAA provides workers displaced by trade with job retraining and other assistance. I look forward to TAA becoming law as soon as possible, and as a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will continue to push for funds for the program each year.

Lastly, it is important to note that beyond economic considerations, the proposed TPP is key for our national security and foreign policy objectives. TPP will require our trade partners to raise their standards with respect to human rights and workers’ rights. Further, it will require countries like Vietnam and Malaysia to improve their laws and enforcement against human trafficking and wildlife trafficking, which I believe are absolutely critical.

Additionally, TPP will help the United States re-balance our global priorities to take into account the increasing role of the Asia-Pacific region. Pursuing free and fair trade with our allies in the region is a key part of that re-balance. By creating a free trade zone, we will be ensuring its member countries play by internationally-recognized rules that we will help establish. Rejecting this trade deal would cede influence to countries that do not share our commitment to worker rights, human rights and environmental stewardship.

As the information above demonstrates, trade is economically vital for California and the nation, which is why I will continue to support Trade Promotion Authority.

Sincerely yours,
Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator


Really, dude? Slapping a Whirlpool, Ford or Dodge emblem on something made in Mexico and calling it Made in the U.S.A., assembled in Mexicali. Vietnam walnuts for people making .53 cents an hour. How many walnuts are those dudes eating, please. And, at what price for the water? And dairy; dairy is very scary. Almond don’t lie, in California. Next up, flooding Los Angeles to sell them rice. Feinstein is a real piece of work and, security is code for abrogation of The Constitution, with her ilk. Nuts, to her.


Double Agent Barry Soetoro’s whole background is a lie, fabricated for him, probably, by his employer the CIA. According to his own resume at the University of Chicago, he worked for BIC; Bank of International Commerce, a known CIA front company.) He was involved in operations in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

He was never a “Professor” of Constitutional law. I endeavored to find a single student of his, and could not. He also claimed to be a lawyer before this. He never even tried a single case in court anywhere, ever! But he did wash-out from Occidental College in Southern California, according to an IRS agent who had a website about this.

It turns out, he comes from a long line of hired killers for CIA including his notorious step-father Col. Lolo Soetoro who caused the Indonesia Massacres in which his mother Stanley Dunham, contributed “the CIA shooting list” which terminated over one million leftists and trade unionists and anyone who spoke highly of them. Source: Ex-NSA agent Wayne Madsen.

Judging from all the mad bombing campaign coming out of his Administration against the whole world, this must have been what he meant by “Change”.


Wow. I had no idea that’s how TPP started. If South Africa had just had AIPAC, Gandhi and everyone else not pearly white would still be riding in the back of the bus or train.

Washington D.C. must be closed. A whole city based on bribery can only result in 3 billion dollars in “Aid” for Israel being laundered right back to the pockets of the very same congressmen who voted for it.


Hey TJ. it wasn’t the whole of TPP, just an amendment that was slipped on to it.


I see. Thanks for researching it. I’ve haven’t had the courage to even look at the leaked portions!


We certainly need to clean house and impeachment is the answer. Come on you legal heads get going and take action!