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King’s Vision Is Still Defiant


King’s Vision Is Still Defiant

Robert C. Koehler

Mike Pence, in his attempt the other day to commandeer the spirit of Martin Luther King to shill for his boss’s agenda, unintentionally did so much more. He brought the enormity of King’s vision back into national awareness, where it shattered the Trump Wall of Fear just as resoundingly as it shattered Jim Crow America more than half a century ago.

Let us once again embrace the infinite.



“King’s Vision Is Still Defiant.”

And so must We the People be!



That is to say, there is no “other,” no assemblage of lesser humans who must be controlled and contained and, if necessary, eliminated to advance national interests. This point is easy enough to swallow when it’s in criticism of the behavior of the established enemy, but King meant it way beyond such smallness of vision. He meant it in all directions — and paid the price for his audacity.

sure, king saw the evils–the economic and psychological harm of racism–but so much more… his message of unity and justice iis for all members of the living community… so the divide and conquer “white” patriarchy felt impelled to define and confine his message to racial issues only… much like the old, “she need not worry her pretty head over politics,” “black” people should not concern themselves with issues of state policy.

“the king is dead: long live the king!”



Thank you Robert. MLK stood for so much more than Civil Rights. He stood for of us struggling to cope with the hate and violence of this cruel world. If the ecology would have been a critical issue in the '60’s, he would have been at the environmentalist’s side also. I read the Riverside Church speech every year.



Marvelous essay and commentary, Robert Koehler!
This was the best piece of writing that I read today.



I am glad to hear you say that Gary. I’ve been doing that for years, every April 4, every word! It is not only still relevant—it becomes more relevant as time goes by,



If MLK was alive today, I wonder if his narrative “of America approaching spiritual death” would be changed to: WITH THE ELECTION OF TRUMP… AMERICA HAS REACHED SPIRITUAL DEATH!

The sad thing is not only was MLK hated in his day; he is still hated today by the racists, war mongering, fascists and much of the religious right and not much has changed since his assassination except he has been given a national holiday.