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Kingston Isn't Sure About "Empire"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/16/kingston-isnt-sure-about-empire


Thank you, Abby. I agree with Kingston’s critique, every word.

Our conversations are operations of the third eye of the heart that say “I see what you mean” - the “words” are simply agreed upon mouth music that we make to tickle that connection. Priceless beauty, endless love in an epidemic of evolution.

How can we arrange for an ‘implant’ for the poor distorted souls like Pompeo, Bolton and uncounted others?

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lol…it’s like the kid knows what he wants to say, just doesn’t have the words yet to articulate! After seeing the headline about ‘Trump Heights’ in Israel, I, we all, needed a brief respite of sanity before the world spins out of control again.

I just ODed on cuteness. Calling an ambulance.


Hi buffalo spirits:
LOL too, and weirdly the emotion came through and I felt like I understood the words from that. It was like listening to someone in another language but reading the tones and face and hand gestures, so that I felt like I understood. : )

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