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#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik Goes Viral as Single Photo Captures Horror of War, Plight of Refugees

#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik Goes Viral as Single Photo Captures Horror of War, Plight of Refugees

Jon Queally, staff writer

A series of heartbreaking photos showing a young boy—believed to be a refugee from Syria—washed up on the beach in Turkey after a failed attempt to cross the sea to Greece is being shared and discussed across the world on Wednesday after many media outlets decided to publish the images as a way to confront Europeans—and humanity at large—with a "stark reminder" that "more and more refugees are dying in their desperation to flee persecution and reach safety."

How to end the Refugee Crisis.

  • Stop War! Stop hurting and killing people, destroying their homes and livelihood.
  • Start helping people, use resources to help, house and feed people instead of cluster bombs, napalm and machine guns.
  • It could work! It really could. Iceland is trying right now.

There will never be peace until the United States of America is rendered politically and militarily impotent. Presently, the senile old timers infesting the halls of government will continue to believe their libido is nature made and not Cialis and Viagra.

I perfectly agree with you. But what about the European politicians, they are getting screwed too. They should protest against destabilizing the countries in the middle east and Africa. It is absolutely horrendous to view this picture. How long it would go after the WWII. Certainly it needs to be stopped. Everyone has a child should protest against any militray adventures. Those are not for defending the nation instead offending the others.

Poor little fella.

I blame the War-Hawks: Bush/Obama/Clinton.

Modern Day Vampires determined to burn the world into a cinder.

Let’s say it loud and clear; the United States of America with its long history (for starters go back to the beginning of the Vietnam atrocity) of stretching it’s tenacles of Empire out around the world is the leading cause of this humanitarian crises. Disgusting it is that the citizens of the US, the ones who are aware and care, have neutralized themselves as directors of the helm of this powerful ship of State. John McCain, you and your ilk are the “scum” not Code Pink. Listen to McCain on yesterday’s democracynow.org