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'Knives Out on SCOTUS': Patriotic Millionaires Open Letter Pushes Senate Dems to Fight 'Nakedly Illegitimate' Nomination Attempt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/knives-out-scotus-patriotic-millionaires-open-letter-pushes-senate-dems-fight


How do you tell a party that “you no longer have the option to stand by idly and waitr for things to play out” when that is what they have been paid to do ever since they formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 ?


A fight to deny the Republicans this Supreme Court seat would be something to see. I’d rather see the Democrats fight for the working poor. Maybe they could do both at the same time. Then they could earn my vote in November.


Trump has made America = Germany 1934.
He has to be voted out, no matter what you think of Biden.
Trump is like a horror movie character.
And his followers remind me of those who loved The Joker as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. A bunch of ghouls who worship a dangerous clown.


I’m asking the question left unanswered, “…or else what, exactly “?

If the Dems are true to form, they’ll bang their spoons on their high chairs for a couple of news cycles, then we’ll be off on another of Trump’s rabbit trails.

Or would these millionaires dare the obvious—rally behind a new party to challenge the Dems?

Hmmm, probably not.


Can’t the 25th be invoked on this delusional creep?


Keep in mind as well that any Biden ballots that Bill Barr finds corrupted or spoiled will also become down-ballot votes corrupted and spoiled. Ergo, a Republican ruled Senate in the next Congress.


I can only hope that the Dems will grow a spine and do whatever is necessary to put a cease to the end of our democratic republic. This has become something surreal, something out of a very bad nightmare. We MUST put at least some faith in *our elected officials. After all, they ARE elected to represent US! **WE ** must be certain that they do so by bombarding them with our decisions on a very regular basis.


Schumer and Durbin look like they are selling lemonade on a Summer sidewalk. Is this the best full-throated defense of liberty the Dems can make? Really?


We are that third world banana republic on the verge of a full authoritarian police state coup.
Destruction of the money power supporting an aspiring tinpot dictator government, is imperative.
A three million plus people march in the streets of our nation’s Capital with guillotine in hand might scare the treasonous cult to step down.
Or else the unimaginable becomes the imaginable.
It will be up to us the People to decide our future. The Dem Party is corrupted. The voting process is teetering on corruption.


A new group, Patriotic Millionaires?


Bad article, poorly written and illogical.

"[T]o disrupt and delay this public fraud."

Time to begin the General Strikes then, post election if Trump refuses to leave–total, rolling non cooperation.


As in, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.


Governments around the world will have to decide themselves how to handle a faux election, won’t they, including the United Nations.

There could be more falling apart than the United States Earthbound.

Damn ~


the question I have is if the Democrats are say they are willing to fight --then why did/do they signal their surrender by stating they will not use the ALL tools they have to stop the Republican power grab–I watched Democratic politician after Democratic politician --in national TV–surrendering the tools they could have used–to me this is just one more massive gas light trying to convince us they are fighting while in reality they have ALREADY given up the fight–the sad truth—the Democrats abandoned their constituency in 1972 in favor of the money they can and are getting from the corporations and have demonstrated their failure in every election since then–as in when a Democrat is elected they govern so far to the right that Eisenhower would be embarrassed and FDR would rail against the economic royalists whom took over the party and the policies they promoted that left 1/2 of our population unable to afford a $400 emergency and millions without health care --BEFORE the pandemic and where played so badly by the Republicans in the Covid relief packages that millions are in DANGER --if it hadn’t been that this is what they did in the last crisis on 09 (bailed out the corporations that caused the crash and left Main Street to rot–which I submit is the reason we have Trump to begin with–along with their pathetic campaigns) I might have believed their excuses for why they got played and left the American people to rot --one more time–now I feel the are simply bullshitting us in an attempt to keep their jobs

the crap we are in from the continuous wars,the corporate profit protection plan for health care,the crappy economy(before Trump was elected and since), the failure to protect the vote they have shown themselves to be useless corporate toadies unwilling to fight --even now they do this–for the money

go ahead and vote for Biden–but listen to his words–he guarantees that NOTHING fundamental will change- if he is elected he will keep his promise and we will end up with an even worse fascist next time–imagine a competent Trump


There is no such thing as a competent fascist -

Everything you said made sense up until your last paragraph.

How do you intend to vote - what is your plan if this becomes a stolen election ?


McConnell is a very competent fascist.

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think about what a McConnell could do if made president-someone who can push though legislation instead of the constant barrage of executive orders that mean almost nothing but are great propaganda–the thing Trump is so good at and due to the pathetic Democratic campaigns will probably mean his re-election

if the Democrats want my vote they will have to give me something to vote FOR–M4A-a living wage-an end to the wars-addressing the income inequities and corporate power-a green new deal and the millions of good jobs it would produce rebuilding our country–something-as it is they are showing themselves to be incapable of confronting the gorilla in the room–capitalism–who’s business plan ends with the collapse of our ecosystems and in a few short decades the death of ALL life on this planet–I wish I could believe that the Democrats will come to their senses–I do not see this from any but a small handful of progressives–whom the Democratic establishment spent more time, money , and energy trying to primary that they have spent fighting the Republicans

maybe going after the votes of 1/2 of our population that has quit voting with a plan to relieve their pain and suffering -instead of presenting Republican liar after Republican liar on their convention stage coupled with a corporate agenda-would be a winning plan—instead they are making sure that the people have only a choice between crappy and even more crappy policies(or as with the Dems-lack thereof)

as to the last question–I will take to the streets as I have been doing since 1965 to promote a LIVING agenda–against the corporate destruction of our society and our world perpetrated and supported by BOTH our current political establishments–not that this will make a bit of difference ( as the BLM protests show) absent a general strike and the shutting down of this country until we get what we need


They’re the only ones who can afford the entry fee.

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