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Know That We Are Connected

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/25/know-we-are-connected

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The Plague Year

You think it’s going to be like Bosch:
the dark pall upon the horrors,
the doomed entruding through the shadowy gate;

or the flat despair of the Pardoner’s Tale:
the crooked road up to a wizened oak
where lies the corruption always waiting;

or Bergman, playing chess with death
in a solarized landscape of deep shadow and pale face,
corpses wallowing in mud.

But the cherry trees are bubbling
with their April splendour, thrushes
and chickadees burbling in their limbs.

The berries come struggling up from straw,
and all, save we, suffering, throttled we,
are waking into ancient, pealing rhythm,

as if to say, “there’s something up with them,
who thought they held the keys to destiny.
Poor people. Let’s pity them with song.”

—Sean Patrick Taylor


I really love these poems and pictures --except that song----it’s a really old song and we DO need to keep all the mountains and meadows and Nature that we can— Keep them all as the EPA becomes a slash and burn corporation! And keep Nature in tact----before the psycho Trump-GOP-DNC-Corporate-Military_Industrial-Complex Demons blow everything, including the planet up! : (


We Are One…I do this so that the People will live, for All Our Relations-Sun Dance Song.


Hi Sean_ Taylor:
Thank you, you have birthed a beautiful poem. : )

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What the heck… I will add one of my poems. It is a link to Medium because I want the pictures to go along with it…


And if you are really bored, here are more (in a list):


Hi Seeker:
Oh yes, " the should have asked question—" that was lost. I think it was actor/director Constantine Stanoslovski who thought the most important phrase in the world was:
" What if…"
The magic IF… I think he was right. : )

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