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Kobach Under Fire as Pushback to 'Repugnant' Voter Data Demand Swells


Kobach Under Fire as Pushback to 'Repugnant' Voter Data Demand Swells

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the number of states rejecting a "repugnant" and "alarming" voter data demand from the Trump administration's so-called Election Integrity Commission swells to 41, one of the officials at the helm of that commission, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is under fire for allegedly violating federal law.


The Ministry of Peace = War
The Ministry of Truth = Lies
The Ministry of Love = Torture
The Ministry of Plenty = Starvation

The Election Integrity Commission = Voter Suppression


Google: “Kobach Crosscheck” and read Greg Palast’s excellent article, “The GOP’s Stealth War Against Voters.”

Essentially, if your name is Michael Jackson, or Lucius Jones, or any other ethnic sounding name, all persons with the same name in your state would pop up. If any had a felony conviction, all persons with that name would be suspect, allowing possible erasure from the voting logs or snags and red tape in clearing one’s own name.

This is the guy Trump chose. Go Figure.


The Koch & Kobach Khip ( KKK ) Co. will be mailing every person commenting at Common Dreams a letter; decribing the date, time and place for the Special K microchip insertion procedure. The price for this tracking chip is $199.00, no personal checks accepted. Please make sure to bring the proper documentation, papers and necessary valid identification to the appointment, as stated in the letter. Failure to comply or appear could result in a fine of up to $500.00.
P.S. Resistance is futile.:wink:


Ann, actually, resistance is quite fertile right now.


Mississippi told him to go jump in the Gulf. Does that count as a “sharp rebuke?”

And while we’re on the subject of this dork using his federal position for electoral gain, it looks like it’s backfiring and soon enough he’ll be pretending that all this hue and cry is because a low level staffer sent out these requests without his authorization. That he was obligated to deny his own request in Kansas isn’t going to play well.


The electoral college did all the electing. Give all of them up and leave the rest of us alone. We didn’t elect anybody. We could throw in the Superdelegates too, just for good measure.


This sham of looking for “voter fraud” is made obvious due to the fact that the information they are seeking would prove nothing, except that there are multiple people who might have names, although nothing else, in common. It’s an attempt to impose “Cross Check” nationwide. I have “googled” my own name, and found that despite the odd (to Americans) spelling of my given first name and my uncommon last name, there are at least 3 other people in the US who have the same exact name as I, all in different states. Under the Trump administration, that might render all 4 of us ineligible to vote.

But this stupid Trump commission would not actually reveal voter fraud in any case, to get back to the point. In order to prove anything, the commission would have to compare the voter data they have requested to the records of actual votes cast, which is encased in the electronic voting machine tallies - or the paper ballots, in the cases of states that use them and for mail-in votes - and they have not requested the latter. They would then have to compare the names on their voter list with the names recorded on the ballots as having voted a certain way; basically a recount of every single vote cast in the 2016 election.

All they can do with the information they have requested is 1) show that some people have the same names as other people, 2) develop a list of personal information that no doubt will immediately be hacked into and sold to some political action group, and 3) use the personal information they have gathered for voter culling or intimidation. What they cannot do is prove “voter fraud” without the voting machine data.


Yes, I dug the well and mined the ore of bullshit.


REPUGNANT is an apt descriptive.


Then Trump is breaking the law, he is campaigning for 2020 from day one of his ill begotten Presidency and he can probably thank Kobach for his winning among others.


I understand from Greg Palest that a number of these states who are supposedly standing up to Kobach have already turned over their lists. He mentioned Louisiana and Mississippi, who made these apparently fake statements strongly defying Kobach at two republican states that have already turned their lists over. He also mentioned Virginia under Dem Terry McAuliffe, as already have given the VA lists too.

Maybe have to dig a bit deeper to determine who will legitimately defy Kobach and this phony commission.


Speaking of Greg Palast.

Watch him make Kobach squirm, while Tea Baggers try to physically stop independent, free journalism.
Tea Baggers embrace stomping on 1st amendment rights, as long as they are the ones doing the stomping.



all these illegal acts - by people in public office - whose salaries are paid by the people -

alll these illegalities being discussed and decried.

why is there no legal action being taken?

any action. any action at all.

these greedy, unscrupulous people will continue to abuse their positions and wealth until forced to stop.

and before that they will have recourse to armed forces.

history repeats itself. over and over and over again. but this time the weaponry is unlike any known. and the citizzens of the u.s.a. have no experience in actual warfare at their doors.

vietnam vets, middle east vets, …come home with ptsd.

trump loves guns and bombs - he is enthralled by violence and war - and will have no compunction about having his military attack any dissenters.

yes, his military. he refers to the armed forces of the u.s.a. as ‘my’ military.


Because the courts are bought off as well.