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Koch Astroturf Army Cheers Union Busting in Kentucky


Koch Astroturf Army Cheers Union Busting in Kentucky

Mary Bottari

On the first day that the Kentucky legislature got underway with a newly elected Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican governor, the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity group blew the whistle and legislators jumped to do their bidding.

This week, the Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover rammed through the legislature three bills to break the back of unions and lower wages for highly-skilled construction workers.


I just have to wonder why anyone, voter, would decide it was a good idea to have all three branches of their state, or federal, government in the hands of a single party, and a party that opposes working people, at that.

I just don't get it. And if it really is such a bad thing for workers, just how long are they going to get away with this without a major uprising?


Two things every working man and woman needs to NEVER forget are:
you don’t need anyone’s permission to form a union
you don’t need anyone’s permission to go on strike

It costs basically nothing to organize. Any group, no matte how small, can announce its presence as a union. It can demand meetings with management even if it has no leverage except what the public perception of their refusal offers. The first step in growing a resistance movement is the public demonstration of its existence.


In right to starve states union organizing is hampered by prohibiting unions from requiring beneficiaries to pay dues.

its a vicious cycle in which economic performance in the three recently busted states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana has been sub par and in decline ever since the busts, while the propaganda machine blames everybody except the GOP for workers' downward spiraling prospects and incomes. The propaganda machine provides endless silver bullets (Trump is one example) that promise simple solutions to problems that become more complex the longer the GOP nurtures them.

Concurrent with all that more and more progressives who can afford to, leave the reddening states, resulting in one bedroom condos on the west coast now costing as much as a luxury home on the fairway in many red states. If you want a parking space with that condo, it will cost more than the house on the fairway.


The workers may have a right to meet with management with demands per the First Amendment, but management has the right to fire them all on the spot and then arrest them for trespassing if they set foot on the employer's property. There will be plenty of desperate workers from the ranks of the unemployed to replace them. So it would require very large numbers - across multiple workplaces throughout an entire community or economic sector - to make the consequences of not acceding to the workers demand worse than acceding to them.

So in reality, under existing laws, workers need to go through the NLRB certification process to have a meeting with management and work on a contract. This takes money because union lawyers and union administrators cannot work for free.


i understand completely. Having lived in a ‘right to work’ state all my life, we have never benefited from NLRB decisions and, certified or not, anyone can be fired at any time as long as the employer is not stupid enough to publicly state that they doing so for unlawful reasons. Labor’s continued weakness stems not only from corporate control over government, but also from Labor leadership’s unwillingness to confront the neoliberal agenda perpetrated by BOTH political parties. At this point ANY confrontation based on valid ethical considerations can’t help but strengthen Labor’s prestige in the public’s eye. Folks in historic RTW states have lost all memory of the benefits of collective bargaining. I’m hoping the assault on those states where it most recently existed will create a backlash that might spark and ignite the desperate working class who voted for and will soon realize they have been betrayed by our new president elect.


Hello from an example state. Here in Wisconsin we have had this experience of total one party control for awhile and it is as bad as people think. Our economy has under performed for sometime and with the exception of well connected people we all are looking at things getting worse.

It's almost a thing of beauty, the Republicans still are able to deflect blame at almost every turn. Public school funding, University system, infrastructure ( with the exception the Milwaukee suburbs ie Republicans } and most public services. are really having to fight for the little they get. Funny, they don't want to pay for small rural or big city schools, yet there seems to be plenty of $ for school vouchers.

Due to lacking funds the number of referendums have gone up, in turn, when approved, means higher property taxes so then it's the school district at fault. Not enough money for state parks? Corporate sponsorship! Not enough money to fund infrastructure projects? Borrow and let someone else have to deal with it.

They count on no one ever learning any civics lessons. I hope at some near date people will realize what's happening and vote them out before it's too late. Walker is talking about running again and how great it's going to be having a President he can work with. I've always strongly disliked people like Walker and Paul Ryan, They care nothing but for themselves and fail to notice the help they've gotten and the wreckage they leave in their wake.


Ever since her arrived in DC in 1999 Eddie Munster has been wanting to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other "domestic programs". Now that he and Walker have tested the water in Wisconsin Eddie is ready to go national with his uber regressive agenda.


Astroturfing is rapidly becoming the preferred way to looby and to advertise. It far more effective for dollars spent. It also much more under the radar and harder to detect.