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Koch Brothers As Freedom Fighters


Koch Brothers As Freedom Fighters

Surreal Rebranding Dept: Just like Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks and other "freedom movements" before them, the noble Koch Brothers have told 450 followers, they are "seeking to right injustices" to create "a truly free society" that will no longer "enrich the haves at the expense of the have nots,” so please help them "save our country” by adding to the $900 million they've spent to screw the poor and make the rich richer and kill the planet.


Koch-aholism, coming to a DSM near you…


What is a “DSM”?


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).


For the first time … I think Bernie has scared them and those like them. I say for the first time because the word oligarchy has not been used much that I have ever seen in my decades. Oh sure some professor would use it and perhaps include a parenthetical definition as well but it wasn’t part of the milieu as far as labels went. Commies, reactionaries, right wing left wing, hippies and flower children, whatever… but oligarchy was a word you just never heard much. Yet now … everybody is using it and using it a lot. That sank in and the big boys finally felt a disconcerting chill go down their spines.

So here they go trying to corrupt the usage of the word. I am surprised they didn’t come out for revolution and do a power fist pump on stage! What next a Koch brother wearing a Che T-shirt? Do they think it will work this dissipation by association?

The haves for the have nots… wow what a slogan! Well with all their money I am sure that we will be seeing just how much good they can do for the have nots that they would like to help. Such nice guys!


And the really awful scary result of this up-side-down logic is that there will be a lot of voters who will buy into their propaganda as if it were true. The state representatives attending this meeting that will go back to their respective states and introduce new legislation that will further erode democracy will be the new hucksters for a government designed to be the United States of Koch.


Abby Zimet ends this article with a familiar quote from George Orwell. The complete essay can be found here: http://www.george-orwell.org/Politics_and_the_English_Language/0.html. I read this essay years ago, and I intend to reread it today. It gives more background to Orwell’s “newspeak” idea that poor language skills and poor thinking skills are intimately related.


Let’s face it; “Corporatism” is a nice word for Fascism. More and more you see critiques of “corporatist ideologues” in Congress and among far right Republican governors, like Scott Walker. The Kochs fund right wing radicals like Scott Walker to create tomorrow’s Fascist Demagogues.

These billionaire Plutocrats have distorted the public dialogue at every level of government. They have essentially taken over the Republican Party and continue to shove it rightward with their covert funding of Tea Party true believers.

Libertarian Party and libertarian ideologues such as conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr., Charles and David Koch, Ron and Rand Paul, have done their best to denigrate the role of civil government.

There are direct links between the Christian Reconstructionist (Dominionist) Movement and so-called libertarians like the Kochs and Ron and Rand Paul and Tea Party radical Ted Cruz. The Government Shutdown should be seen as a symbol of their ultimate goal of shutting down The Republic and creating a New Amerikan Theocracy, governed by “God’s Law, not Man’s Law.” A Fascist Theocracy.

These people are the New Fascists. They support and are supported by the Deep State. To the degree that the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) endorsed neo-liberalism and libertarian goals, they wrote the script for the Democratic Party making it a critical component of this Friendly Fascism.

Nothing good can come of this fraudulent capitalist duopoly. To wait and see how Bernie fares against Hilary is a complete waste of time that we cannot afford. Bernie is the sheepdog herding liberal left hopefuls into another Obama-like “Hope and Change” political trap. Now is the time to give up the illusion of a Democratic Party revolution. Ain’t Gonna Happen!

Read why economist Richard Wolff and left journalist Bruce Dixon support Jill Stein for President in 2016. Same reason I support her. Search: Bernie Sanders, Sheepdogging for Hilary and the Democrats in 2016. Wake Up! Organize and Vote Green!


The use of ‘newspeak’ (the word itself having become a definition) always seemed an indictment of how our language is used albeit as seen through sarcasm/satire. ‘Double plus good’ was always my favorite and it still almost seems prescient given how colloquialisms enter the language in our modern world. What had seemed alien when first encountered in my youth now sounds as if it might actually be legitimate usage. Lol. Maybe I am just sick of hearing >>> ‘really, really’ good?

Orwell’s erudite points are classic rules of language usage in and of themselves but they are not enough. As Marshall McLuhan wrote in ‘The Medium is the Massage’ which became the famous (misquote) line ‘The Medium is the Message’ modern language evolves far more rapidly today in the electronic age than in Orwell’s day which was still in the age of print.

For Orwell hot meant hot (and not a warmth that was unbearable to the touch). While McLuhan pointed out that ‘hot’ also meant popular and most amusingly that the word ‘cool’ (popular) could mean ‘hot’ (popular). The way vernacular speech, slang and non-professional jargon flows in and out of usage among the young and the hip (hip from hep from hep cat (jazz) from hepped up (jazz drug use) from hopped up (as in alcoholic hops) is far more fluid and less concrete than Orwell was used to. We absorb new speech/newspeak when it ‘catches on’ (sorry George) because we see that it does so virtually immediately. For a word to enter slang in Orwell’s day it had to have had a long history of everyday use somewhere or as non professional jargon in some group (the underworld’s gat for gun etc.). For us, we accept rapid word evolution and procreation as a given. We may not use the word ‘hip’ as an adjective nor hep either and hopped up was from prohibition days but we do use the derivative word hippie and its bastardization ‘hippy-dippy’.

George had an editor’s ear for writing. It was easier in his day to see good writing more often than bad writing because good writing was published more often. However in our day millions of people don’t ‘write’ as George would use the word… we BLOG instead.

George Orwell meet the BLOGOSPHERE !

While poor language skills may be double plus ungood, nevertheless, people who would have rarely if ever seen their feelings and opinions in print can now see them ‘published’ in the blogosphere. I say published because their blog entries or comments in forums are read by others and the authors can receive feedback about what they wrote. Double plus ungood language skills or not, the blogosphere creates language, educates about language and allows people to refine their language skills like never before. The Blogosphere is double plus good despite double plus ungood language use.

Sorry George!

BTW skeezyks if you want a treat (and a treatise on evolved slang) read the award winning scifi novel - Stand On Zanzibar - by John Brunner. A prescient future word of overpopulation and terrorism as well as various cultural phenomena based on extrapolating trends found in news items. Hipcrimevocab!

His other masterpieces (imo) form a triptych of the future >>> One is on pollution - The Sheep Look Up and the other is on the computerized world similar to the one we are in right now - Shockwave Rider - an early cyperpunk novel about a hacker before the word hacker was coined.


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“Do they really believe the crap they spout, and do they really believe we, the people, are gullible enough to?”
Probably, and yes, because they are right.
We the people is an illusion. Millions will fall for the crap. Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending the money.
This is the nut of our problem: propaganda, even when total BS, is effective.
Lying minds need to use it more than the honest ones.


“Gallons of blood” spilled

All too true for those sacrified for those fortunes.


The Koch brothers’ event must have been one nauseatingly boring event attended by all manner of sycophants slobbering all over themselves while groveling at the feet of the kings of kitsch or rulers of raunch or purveyors of prevarication. They mask the malicious intentions of the many non-profits they have created to disseminate their sewage: Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works come to mind. In addition, they financially support ultra conservative “non-profits” such as the Cato Institute, the Manhattan Institute, Heritage Foundation, and others whose monikers belie their purpose: to undermine government on all levels - local, state, regional, and federal so they can operate their companies with impunity and without any regulatory oversight or compliance with any laws. Their sole intent is to make money and mow down everyone in their way.



FYI, Safeway at one time marketed an ice cream called “Lite Double Fudge Sundae.” No doubt this was aimed at weightwatchers who want it all, the flavor without the calories.


I want some…lol