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Koch Brothers Declare Scott Walker Is Our Man


Koch Brothers Declare Scott Walker Is Our Man

Brendan Fischer

Has Scott Walker won the Koch primary?

Charles and David Koch, the billionaire co-owners of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately-held companies in the world and the overseers of one of the biggest private political organizations in the country, told Republican donors in New York on April 19 that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is their man for President.


Wow, who would have thought.


Why would the Koch brothers be impressed with Walker? He’s the malleable man.


When you own every horse qualified to race, as the Kochs do, you can’t lose.


“He’s an impressive guy and he’s very courageous.”

The above statement exposes why PR in lieu of a media that honestly depicted issues, concerns, and news is so dangerous.

Scott Walker is a soulless automaton that will do ANYTHING for “the money.” He has NO original ideas, hasn’t got an altruistic bone in his body, is clueless as to the ideal behind public service, and has no pesky moral precepts that could get in the way of delivering to his money masters the agenda they pay for.

The Kochs are pushing an agenda that is murder in slow motion. From their rollbacks on union salaries (along with rights to workers), to the way their oil detritus pollutes the lungs of all citizens living downwind, these sick sociopaths use their enormous riches to WORSEN the living standards of others.

There must be something akin to a “housing boom” in the dark worlds of Hades/Hell as the type of criminal mind found in Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers, the Bush Junta and others is demanding an expansion of “holding cells.”

A special karma awaits the likes of these.


Then stop being another mouthpiece for the “blame voters” brigade!


Ray is not blaming the voters. He’s blaming the current system of political financing.



No, he is not. And I have copied and preserved his MANY posts proving my point.


Apparently, in David Koch’s dictionary “courageous” is defined as “sans spine”.


They’ve made themselves a little Mini Me, and Mini Me is going to save America. Puppetry 101.


The Koch brothers are proceeding with their plan to fuck the 99%. Scott Walker is just the prick for the job.