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Koch Brothers Waging War Against Effort to Shine Light on Dark Money


Koch Brothers Waging War Against Effort to Shine Light on Dark Money

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A state ballot measure seeking to end political corruption has won the ire of the billionaire Koch Brothers, who have relied on secret donations to conservative interest groups to influence elections coast to coast.


Why didn't you include Trump in your comment?

After all he's the biggest thief and con man of all.


Rats always prefer to creep around in the dark.


Jane Mayer's recent book, Dark Money, gives a great and detailed explanation as to the extent of the money that lurks in the shadows. Needless to say the Kochsuckers are at center stage.


Still waiting for these old buzzards to die off.


They've spawned, so all the little Kochettes will follow them.


Koch brothers support Clinton, they do not support Trump. Vote Green.


I wish the Koch Brothers would sell or try to sell cocaine & be prosecuted. They would be called " The Kochaine Brothers". :smiley::smile_cat::cop:


There must be somewhere an investigative reporter who can come up with something scandalous about one or both of that gruesome twosome that could be shocking to the church going public beyond that they fund conservative causes and candidates,

Leftist liberal progressives don't use opposition research and dirty leaks nearly enough -- disadvantaged by inate decency.


What's that about vampires and sunlight ... ?


Any state which scores that low on an ethics scale needs to be put on probation, or be tried before its peers. In this case, those peers would be the legislatures of of the 25 most ethical states. Put the bottom five states in every category on trial before those top states in that category. They need to answer for their less-than-acceptable ways. Imagine the leverage we could have over those "bad apple" states if a government-services panel was empowered to erect signs like: "You have just entered State XYZ, declared 'SHIT-HOLE of the NATION 2014, 2015, 2016, by the US Government Services Panel". We don't get clean, effective governments until we DEMAND clean, effective governments. Are you ready?


I remember when secret money was called bribes...just like the definition. Its comical, albeit demented, that rebranding works so easily now. Anyone remember when the term "toxic assets" was publicly changed to "legacy assets"? I do. It is our legacy to give the next generations, our children, toxic assets. But hey, legacy sounds soo much better doesnt it? Doesnt influence sound soo much better than bribes? I think so.


Yeah, capitalism is great if you're a capitalist - not so great for the rest of us.