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Koch Compliance: Georgia-Pacific Plants Have Troubling Health and Safety Record Including Seven Deaths

Koch Compliance: Georgia-Pacific Plants Have Troubling Health and Safety Record Including Seven Deaths

Don Wiener

Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch is known for extolling the virtues of his own management system, “Market-Based Management.” He credits this system, which he has trademarked and promoted in a series of books, as the key contributor to the success of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held companies in America.

One of the ten core principles of this management approach is “compliance.”

The Koch empire is tyranny by the spreadsheet where human losses are commodified according to expected fines, lawsuit judgments, and the like. There is NO humanity in the equations. NONE. The libertarian mantra of the sanctity of the market dictates this very protocol. The Koch philosophers will argue that this is an amoral (read pragmatic) approach to business, while in fact anyone with a sense of a social contract will recognize it to be an immoral approach as the Koch brothers and their minions are insulated from the hazards of their activity. These assholes need to be publicly excoriated and the workers should inherit the empire and make it work for them along the lines of the Mondragon model. The “liberty” in libertarianism is a ruse for the freedom of the entrenched to further exploit the planet and all of its inhabitants.


Profit from Human Suffering must be demonized, and the People must be allowed to deal directly with those responsible, if government fails to do so.

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The examples cited are ones too egregious to sweep under the carpet. For every fatality in a Georgia Pacific facility there are 100’s of injuries, many of which go unreported, ranging from severe lacerations to joint ligament damage. Yes, some may be due to worker error, but most are due to workplace hazards and workplace pressures.

When plant managers and employees are promised a $$ bonus for safety performance, there is tremendous pressure to cover-up accidents and injuries, or change the severity rating of them.

Until managers and executives are prosecuted for manslaughter or criminal negligence, fines mean little to nothing to these companies.

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Well said.

Our entire healthcare system profits off of human suffering and tragedy. Truly the best example of immorality of how far off we’ve veered from a path of compassion and equality as human beings.

the corporate text book publishing houses are the seminal imprisonment model, infrastructure, ligature and keys. See what of the subjects taught is “externalized” from the start of human social thinking and you begin to track the domestic colonization that was refined in the genocide of original natives of this and other colonized continents.

The sad fact is that we all know the truth

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When I protested a change in lab testing that could harm people, I was told that they knew this, but that the number of people harmed was statistically unimportant. Remember the Ford auto company who did not recall their exploding Pintos because a recall would be more expensive than paying the law suits by people and families harmed and even killed. I really hate this profit over all else. Ford was not held accountable for their greed and neither will the Koch brothers. They just really do not give a damn and with TPTB in control they do not have to care about the lives they destroy.