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Koch Document Reveals Laundry List of Policy Victories Extracted from the Trump Administration

Koch Document Reveals Laundry List of Policy Victories Extracted from the Trump Administration

Lee Fang, The Intercept, Nick Surgey, Documented

In the backdrop of a chaotic first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the conservative Koch brothers have won victory after victory in their bid to reshape American government to their interests.

Documents obtained by The Intercept and Documented show that the network of wealthy donors led by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch have taken credit for a laundry list of policy achievements extracted from the Trump administration and their allies in Congress.

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The expression on Ryan’s face seems to translate to “It’s my turn to felllate you again so soon, sir? How great!”

On a more serious note, let’s hope that the gerrymandering that the Kochs have orchestrated by controlling state legislatures truly gets put down by the judiciary. The Kochs deployed a master strategy, however it was evil to the core and antidemocratic beyond that.


Public Enemy’s #1 and #2

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Is there a lawyer among the crooked lawyer class that will charge these folks with terrorism and sue them for the same offense? With all the “documents” on hand is there evidence enough to sue them for crimes against humanity? In my mind this is reasonable and prudent. Maybe the ACLU? Something I’ll look into, I’ve had a head-ache for 3 days, I am angry and tired, feeling kinda like a cave man with a 1lb. brain and a 5lb. club.

Anyone who hasn’t yet read “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean is urged to put it off no longer. It lays out in detail how these privileged parasites have used their wealth to undo the achievements of generations of farmer/labor and environmental activists.

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Art imitates life:
All of the James Bond villains pale in comparison to the real Dr. Evils.

The pic above reveals the entire disgrace. In this case a picture is worth a thousand trillion ugly words.

Been wearing my “Koch Brother’s Exposed” octopus shirt since I helped (donation) produce it in 2012.

Sit at tables across from tea party folks more than once–wearing it-- and they, of course, know not who the hell their puppet masters actually are. And they never ask as well.

See no evil, hear no evil, feel no evil . . .

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I’ve thought about getting a cat, you know the kind, someone to work the keyboard for me :slight_smile:

Back tomorrow trying to be strong enough to actually look at this “Laundry List” …

Koch Bros./John Birch Society family has been very successful at hiding their political
activities from the public for 100 years now.

Bob Murray – Murray Engineering is another only now becoming known as a backer
of Trump with his own “Wish list” having been moved forward by Trump.

Adelman … I don’t think we yet know all of them.

The Koch brothers and Trump are the poster boys for the government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. That is what the Republican Party has devolved down to in 2018 following the 2016 election - the worst voter turn out in 70 years. So who do you dislike the most, the Americans too apathetic to vote or the billionaires that take over when there is public apathy toward voting?

You folks should take a look at the comment thread for the article on The Intercept. Quite a large number of people who think that there is nothing wrong with the Koch’s influence purchases. I’m starting to get the impression that the mentality of the right is spreading. There are whole areas formally occupied by progressive folks that are being corrupted by the Right. It feels like a political shift is happening and not in a good direction.