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Koch Latino Front Group Instructs Arizona Moms About School Vouchers


Koch Latino Front Group Instructs Arizona Moms About School Vouchers

Mary Bottari

“The Kochs and their affiliates have poured millions into Arizona over the years, yet 95 percent of families still choose public schools."

"The website fails to mention that it is sponsored by David and Charles Koch, two of the richest men in the world, who believe that transforming the public school system into for-profit money making operations is the “choice” Arizona moms should be making."


I didn’t know Jabba the Hutt was a part of their campaign too.


Children are the primary battlefields of the US.


So reading a very well written article and your take away is an insult to one of the people fighting big money?? Go troll somewhere else…this is serious sh*t!


I thought the caption said she was one of the Koch’s Latino spokespersons.


They are trying to destroy Americans right to a free primary education using the hidden trap, the world trade organization agreement which attempts to privatize all public services unless they are free. So by introducing money they poison our ability to have public education.

Now the wealthy are disinvesting in society globally, using trade deals on services to effectuate a global second enclosure. a theft of the planets future.

GATS, https://perma.cc/BB3B-M44U

http:// www. iatp. org / files / GATS_and_Public_Service_Systems .htm