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Kochs and Trump Team Up to Cut Billionaires’ Taxes


Kochs and Trump Team Up to Cut Billionaires’ Taxes

Richard Eskow
This headline appeared on Monday, July 31, 2017, at precisely 4:00 am: “Koch Brothers Move to Back White House’s Tax-Cut Plan.” This one appeared less than twelve hours later: “White House sees tax reform zipping through Congress in October, November.”

That’s what you get when you combine the Kochs’ money and influence with Trump’s executive power and support


I have no problem with cutting federal income taxes as long as social services are not impaired in any way. All cuts should be progressive as well - meaning those at the lower levels get the highest cuts. Military and other things that do not help our society should be cut. Military spending needs a big cut. Of course, this is not what is being proposed.

I think states and local governments need to raise taxes in order to cover the cost of things we need-schools, parks, hospitals, etc. I would like to see the federal income tax eliminated for all individuals with everyone paying a local or county tax which would fund all of the local needs, each county would file a state income tax and only the 50 states would file a federal income tax. This would give much more power to local and state governments over the federal government. The federal government should then be a tool of enforcement to make sure that states spread the funding around so that poorer areas can receive equitable funds for community services like schools, hospitals, parks, health care.

This would give local and state governments much more power than each of us individual taxpayers have. The federal government has lost its way and we must look to places closer to home to make things work.


A best way to get the oligarchy off our backs:


Throwing the proles a bone. I hope it is too obvious and late.


The Koch Brothers and their despicable minions in the Republican Party would be amusing carcicatures from a Charles Dickens novel if they were not so very real. The dystopic plutocracy that they are surreptitiously hellbent on imposing upon this country would probably make a Dickensian Democracy look appealing by comparison. Fictional characters such as Uriah Heep and Ebenezer Scrooge come to mind, as do the many New Yorker cartoons from the 1930’s which depict tuxedo-clad, fat, greedy, cigar-chomping bankers. If only the Kochs and their ideology were fictional, or in the distant past, but no, they are coming at us like a Mack truck, with their stooges Donald Trump/Mike Pence/Neil Gorsuch/Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell, et al, at the wheel. They are perilously close to achieving their goal of a Constitutional Convention, where they will permanently rewrite our founding document to suit their dangerous and self-serving ends, while the majority of Americans suffer in silence. They speak in code and euphemisms because the reality behind their polices is so deeply disturbing and unpalatable to all but the top 1-10% (except those with consciences) that extreme propaganda the only tool through which to present this horror show. The time to expose and stop the sociopathic, perhaps psychopathic, Kochs et al is now, or it will soon be too late. It may already be.


Perhaps the crisis against the people in Venezuela that we have been seeing happening on the daily TV news is just a preview of what is going to be happening in this country before too many months. It appears that the leaders there have an agenda similar to what is going on in the U.S., that is to give as much as possible to the rich and well off, while putting those in the lower economic levels under strict control by the government and military.


“…they hide their selfishness behind a more refined word : “Reform”.”

Sen Al D’Amato at his Political Sycophant Attended 80th birthday party, yesterday in NY :

“Unless they get a TAX REFORM BILL, the economy is going into the tank…they ought to PUT THE RIDICULOUS POLITICS ASIDE and work together.”

“Work together” meaning the scene from “Deliverence”, only anyone actually representing the People’s best interests gets to play Ned Beatty.


So a state that has money will have a smooth interstate freeway, but once you cross the border to a state that doesn’t have money, the interstate freeway becomes rough and pot-holed? A poor state won’t be able to fund Social Security or Medicare the way a state like California can, so those poor-state folks deserve to suffer? NO!

We need federal income tax to fund federal programs and interstate infrastructure. We are a nation of states, not a continent of separate countries. We need to work together for the good of all, not the benefit of a few. Federal taxes fund programs that benefit all Americans, and the wealthy should never be allowed to “reform” that.


Maybe it would help if there were some consideration of the theory that motivates the rich?
I think that they really do think that it is a good thing that they have more money to invest so that more jobs can be created. The problem comes because of how the money is created. Money is borrowed into existence in the process of making a loan. That is capitalism, That is what the banks do to grow rich.
The problem is that it gets the borrowers into debt and eventually it results in the poor getting poorer as the rich get richer. The poor are not left with enough money to buy the things that have already been produced.
The solution is that the Treasury should produce the new money in stead of giving that rich privilege to the Federal Reserve Board [A PRIVATE CORPORATION] and to the banks [PRIVATE CORPORATIONS] so that they can grow richer.
The real joker in the deck is the fact that the majority of the citizens think that it is the government that is producing the money and as a result the government that gets the blame for inflation, or depression, or recession when the Media draw it to peoples attention at the times when they have nothing else to write about.

The banks create the money and the government gets the blame. And the banker laugh all the way to hell. I really hope that there is a hell as Dante described.


Does anyone understand this point? Am I wasting your time and mine?


Maybe some of those states need to take a lesson from California. The right wingnuts hate California. As far as the federal government goes, it spends probably $100-$150 billion a year on foreign military bases (800+). That would pave a lot of roads. Trump’s wall - the federal government - spending $21-$67 billion. They mandate and force things on states and localities and leave little discretion to us - at the local level.

You may think that the federal government is there to help all the “poor folks.” I think the federal government has done almost everything it can to protect and enrich the wealthiest class and to destroy local autonomy. From interstate banking, 401K and IRA funds flowing into Wall Street - They have done everything they can to ruin local and rural economies. There is some need for funds distribution but many times we get things like the $400 million Gravina Bridge to nowhere because some powerful federal government politician has the clout. If my state didn’t have the interstates, we might not have all the Walmarts and mega box stores. I might actually like living in a state without interstates - we might have more railroads (which Trump wants to cut) and other creative local initiatives.


They appear to own the federal government.