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Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution

The early part of a transition to corporate feudalism.

But it’s the balanced budget that is close to enough states. The other ones have only a handful of states so far.

Sounds good to me. I hear Jeffrey Epstein has an island, a sex island, Trump has been there so he would surely go and we could drop the Koch bros and take away the planes and boats. I love it.

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Yep I think they think they can wait it out underground. Hahaha What a life. They will be in a hell of their own making.

I think you are right but when people have had enough and have tried protests and petitions, town halls, and the like, with no action from the government they will be forced to take action. For all the reasons you mentioned I don’t want it either but they can’t keep stripping away our way of life and not anger this well armed country.
Bush Sr called it when he said “If the American people knew what we are doing they would take us out and hang us”. He was right and people are finding out exactly what it is they’re doing.

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Seems to me we just got the “no action” we wanted. And a runaway constitutional convention is certainly an action I don’t want. I’d say so far the town halls, protests, and petitions are accomplishing something.

You are much more generous than I was intending. If I had it my way, the only relations those three would have would be between the three of them.

Wouldn’t want to poison anyone else with their vile seed.