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Korea and the Geopolitics of the Impossible

Korea and the Geopolitics of the Impossible

John Feffer

In geopolitics, everything is impossible — until, suddenly, it isn‘t.

Wars that no one ever believed could happen flare into existence, and stable societies descend into chaos. On the other side of spectrum, peace agreements that only Pollyannas thought possible are suddenly on the table after months of secret talks, as wicked problems untangle themselves and bitter enemies clasp hands.

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A great line! Eight words that mean as much as eight thousand.

I hope that our current administration does not blow this!

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So far, this is the most reasonable John Feffer article that I know of. Congratulations to the writer for a well-balanced essay that also shows goodwill for the Korean people.

The Korean people don’t need our goodwill. They need us to give their country back, and they are brilliantly taking advantage of djt’s narcissism and desire (Feffer’s most cogent observation) to one-up Pres.Obama.

This quote that Feffer threw in is also extremely important, and in many ways:

As for the moratorium on testing, “This is not a denuclearization statement,” observes former National Security Council member Victor Cha. “It is a statement that DPRK [North Korea] can be a responsible nuclear weapons state.”

Please, let’s use the proper names of the Korean nations, DPRK and ROK. And let’s hope that djt will not get in the way of the DPRK being a responsible nuclear state. Let’s hope that the US can be the same.

I generally agree with you. Still, showing goodwill is important: both sides have been under great pressure and it’s time the world allow them to solve their own problems. I prefer to use the name “Korea” to show that for thousands of years - since they started migrating to Northeast Asia - they’d been one people, though like other tribes they too had periods of intra tribal warfare.

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