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KPFT Houston, 45 Years After Domestic Terrorist Bombings, Plays On


KPFT Houston, 45 Years After Domestic Terrorist Bombings, Plays On

Amy Goodman

“Pacifica Station Bombed Off Air,” read the Houston Chronicle’s banner headline on May 13, 1970. KPFT, Houston’s fledgling community radio station, had been on the air for just two months when its transmitter was blown to smithereens. “An explosion which demolished the transmitter of Houston station KPFT-FM (Pacifica Radio) was no accident and apparently the work of experts, authorities said today,” George Rosenblatt of the Chronicle wrote. “The blast occurred at 11 p.m. Tuesday.


"(…) William Cullen Bryant is right: ‘Truth crushed to earth will rise again.’”

Interesting to think about the legacy of ‘western rationalism’ and its antecedents back to early centuries of the Gregorian calendar. That is, the calendar that references Greeks gods rather than lunar and solar cycles, seasons and reasons that actually inform “time” in the sphere of life. A calendar designed and conceived for the counting houses of commodification of human lives imposed as the acceptable ‘relationship’ with the living earth. Along with this procedure of calendar imposition was the pompous ‘enlightenment’ assertion that the earth is inanimate, some thing to be exploited, dumped on, and peoples continuing to be interconnected with, learning from and compiling the wisdom of this aspect of life regarded as equally ‘undeveloped’. Pollute, pollute, pollute. From soil to psyches, divide and conquer … Well thats worked out well hasn’t it.

Truth is an unparalleled nutrient in the journey with beloved old Mother Earth continually bringing life through the balances and resonance in the living cosmos of equilibrium. Look at Monsanto, you can’t get any deeper distortion of actual truths about life. What a shame that in the human sphere western rationalism cut roots rather than planting seeds. The entire picture would be quite different today. The stupidity of blind overreach never fails to amaze me.

According to the corporate system the world in ‘broke’, in debt, etc… according to its blinkered usurious construct - and by its ‘reasoning’ it continues in its house of mirrors working hardest to manifest its ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’.

I had a dream last night that all the souls on Earth today had reincarnated in the purgatorial condition of coming back to ‘get it right’, and I realized that everyone remembered their mistakes. That woke me up.


Some deep thought in this post… it’s a shame it doesn’t speak to the distinction between a patriarchal male-god centered view of Creation: one that TOTALLY obliterates and/or degrades the Feminine ACTUAL life-giving and life-nurturing side of Creation, and that of Goddess-centered life-affirming and/or Partnership based societal models. These did predate the systems of male-centered oppression that came into being during the eras of Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. The Judeo-Christian ethic (mostly through the Roman Catholic Church’s deep-seated and enduring misogyny and all male-hierarchical ordering) spread throughout Europe and later to “the new world.” And since Spain, England, Portugal and France all had their own colonies, they spread their patriarchal systems to other continents where they took root and grew into an anti-nature, woman-as-lesser-being set of enculturated beliefs and related practices.


Well, additions like yours are a good example of the value of public fora and connections. I’d add to yours the work by folks like Robert Bly to explore ways of tapping into the male psyche so battered (and battering) as a result of the conditioning patterns.

In the Catholic tradition there are folks like the bishops of the CIMI in Brazil who really GET IT in terms of the Theology of Liberation. Originally organized in the shadows during the dictatorship from the 60s-80s, they organized with the indigenous peoples to participate in the Constituent Assembly writing the Federal Constitution of 1988, and ratification of Article 231 which makes indigenous rights the law of land - and still fighting for those rights. Theologian Leonardo Boff, one of the seminal thinkers and writers in Theology of Liberation, also in Brazil, was silenced for years and they eventually had to relent (tee hee re-‘lent’ ?). Boff continues to be an active and influential participant, writer and thinker.

There is also another dynamic that as this horizon/horizontal organizing takes place, women who are doing a lot of seminal work do not necessarily go for name recognition but rather making sure that their value is replicated, that the beauty and strength of the wisdom are fully transmitted to others and younger generations. I tend to think we are at peak ‘commerce media’ and that it will fizzle within a generation or two.

There is so much of what we are as human beings that is necessary and healthy educable androgyny - our being complimentary peers underneath gender and specie - that so far outweighs the superficiality of the manipulation of predatory genderizing.


What about KRAB in Seattle?

It was reincarnated as a truly independent station, KSER 90.7 FM in Everett


My headline:



According to his claims Russian, Emir Kusturica says the Pentagon plans to bomb the Russian media outlet RT. True or not they bombed al Jazeera, so nothing would surprise me.