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Kraft, Belichick, and Brady — All the President’s Men


Kraft, Belichick, and Brady — All the President’s Men

Derrick Z. Jackson

As certain as it is that Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady will one day be in pro football’s hall of fame, they are no profile in courage. They are delivering, on sport’s biggest stage, a textbook example of enabling a bully.


Pro sports team owners have not in general been a progressive lot; and their employees, while maybe representing a mixed lot, are not usually going to offend the hand that feeds them (notwithstanding Kaepernick's impressionably bold dissent). Most will at least quietly suck up to important politicos in any case.

I don't know Belichick's nor Brady's thoughts or feelings about the character of the new POTUS, but at least (according to this article) they aren't actively boosting Trump.. In that way, they're far superior to, say, John Elway, whose election-time opposition to Colorado ballot questions including a hike in the minimum wage and a single payer health care system was accompanied by support for another one making it difficult for citizens to amend the Consitution... a restriction pushed by frackers & other industries. And Elway is apparently a big fan of Trump's - he was at the inauguration and donor dinner.

Another reason why I've lost interest in pro football. Too many wannabe billionaires who could give 2 poops about the people who actually pay their salaries.


All due respect - which players and teams and owners have come out publicly against Trump? Which came out publicly against our racist domestic and foreign policies that we have been engaged in for years?? If you want to boycott the NFL for their military glorification, domestic abuse issues, concussion issues etc fine - but to single out only the Patriots for not coming out against these things while other teams have also been silent is hypocritical BS in my opinion. I would LOVE for all the Patriots to publicly vocal like Bennett and McCourty, but as they are NO different from other teams I refuse to single them out.


I don't give a sh$t about sports. Why does anyone?