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Kris Kobach Redux

Kris Kobach Redux

Christopher Brauchli
Kris believes he would be a worthy successor to Kansas Governor Brownback. He is right.
Donald Trump & Kris Kobach

When class war is not named for what it is, entire cycles of “anti-politics/policy” spin by - literally - like a tiny little super ball off four walls with lights turned off. Kobach would appear to be the legislative version of the bannon cannon - more in the weaponry sense than in any sense of making sense. Blow a sufficient number of holes in the Constitution, the Judiciary and Legislative functions to create chaos and flip the bird as the door slams his butt on departure.

Keep in mind that the economy is largely a whip cracked by the privately held “Federal Reserve” that slathers grease on the skids for these tools to slide around on while the effete arm the Gates behind which they hide.

Like the spaces between bars, the vast spectrum of expenses that are never counted - the lives of indigenous peoples and their knowledge and way of being - they don’t count: literaly! These entire spheres are “externalized costs” in the lexicon of economics. How convenient that the judiciary supports the institutionalized genocide so some stunningly dense jackass can BE A MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE; so that extraction companies can poison vast swathes of land (that ALSO DO NOT COUNT) with mercury, uranium and tailings of every toxin you can imagine. DOES NOT COUNT!!!

Yuppers, babycakes, THE prime task of predatory capitalism is to show its wannabes how NOT to count; how to institutionalize the exclusion of some one/thing/how/when to make it disappear far, far out on the margin. The further out on the margin, the broader the PROFIT MARGIN.