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Kristallnacht: What Happens When We Stop Looking Out For One Another


Kristallnacht: What Happens When We Stop Looking Out For One Another

Today marks the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the 1938 pogrom against German Jews that ignited the Holocaust. The Nazi night and day of terror - 90 Jews killed, thousands of synagogues burned and business destroyed, over 30,000 Jews arrested and sent to concentration camps - was driven by escalating enmity toward the "other" in a country grown inured to it. Now more than ever, the awful lesson remains: "Challenge hate wherever and whenever you see it."


From 1933 to 1945 even as tens of thousands of Jewish peoples tried to flee Europe and the violence against them , Canada only accepted some 5000 Jewish refugees in sum total. They had a policy towards Jews that Justin Trudeau recently stated was “None is too Many” when he apologized for the way Canada acted during this period. In 1939 , prior to the war starting the ship the MS St Louis tried to dock in Halifax Canada after the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States of America refused to allow them entry. This was one of the last groups of Jews able to flee Germany before the war started.

The Canadian Government turned them away and of the 900 Jewish Refugees on board some 260 were executed by the Nazis when they returned to Europe.

When the Government of ANY Country recognizes the wrongs committed by their Country years before , it not enough just to apologize. They must make it very clear that such will NEVER happen again and act to make it so thus to ensure a Government tha comes around 80 years later, is not apologizing for the same things again. This one of the few ways good can come from evil.


This is how nationalism and a feeling of superiority is dangerous.
The collective conciousness in Germany which Hitler seized upon created the Nazi movement.Without the cooperation of millions of people Hitler could do nothing.
A group conciousness which speaks constantly of separation and superiority produces loss of compassion on a massive scale ,and loss of compassion is inevitably followed by a loss of conscience.
A collective concept rooted in strict nationalism ignores the plight of others ,yet makes everyone else responsible for yours,thus justifying retaliation ,'rectification and in this case war.
The horror of the Hitler experience was not that he perpetrated it on the human race ,but that the human race allowed him to.


Only 10 years after Kristallnacht was the Nakba. Hardly never again. Neither should have been, ever. This article is on target yet it fails to mention the existence of the next set of people set upon. The people who don’t exist, forgotten along with the most immediate lessons from the holocaust. Old pattern.


Hate is poison in the blood. It screws up neurotransmitters. It is a disease that can spread like a cold or the flu. Be careful with your heart, your soul and others Kindness and thankfulness are remedies but not a cure. Be careful what you say you hate, catch yourself when you say such things. Teach yourself and others not to hate. How not to catch the disease.


HI dreamdancer----and sadly you are correct. 10 years after the first Kristallnacht, it began again.
What happed to the Jews in Germany was monstrous and evil----- but in 1948 and on and on since then, how many Kristallnacht’s have the Palestinians lived through? And are still living through? Dear Israel—please stop saying," Never forget…" because obviously, you have. : (


We are looking at an Indigenous genocide now. It is picking up steam.


There were between 10 million and 100 million indigenous people in what we now call the “Americas” in/about 1492. Another 3-6 million (Tanios - descendants of the Arawaks of “South America”) lived-in the Caribbean region.

By 1900, about 900,000 survivors lived in the U.S., primarily in concentration camps called “reservations.”

While more precise numbers are hard to nail down, he European genocides in the Western Hemisphere and all of their attendant horrors have proven to be quite thorough.


The irony is that the Jews are the ones who are now following the path that lead to their Holocaust and the Palestinians are the victims.


From the website of the Jewish Labour Movement:

And here’s an alternative take:



Let’s not be too self righteous. Our own history wasn’t very stellar toward the Jewish people, not to mention our treatment of the Japanese Americans. And Commander Putz has pushed terribly close to a similar moment in history by his behavior toward the South American refugees, not to mention his present behavior in France. Fascist are not nice even when they are American presidents. I’m not on the: “We must be nice” side of this argument. We must confront our own present day fascist and not wait until they assassinate us at peaceful rallies or in our churches. Enablers should be jailed and inciting assassins should be prosecuted. If you enable and encourage murder, you got to jail.


Thank you for this!


The source is from memory, but I believe it is quite verifiable. In any case, it’s hard to find any recent source that does not talk about how “successful” and “effective” the genocides were. Many attribute the slaughters mainly to disease, fogging up the fact that Europeans brought diseases with them and created conditions that made their spread inevitable.

A good corollary would be the deadly power of typhus, dysentary (durchfallen) etc. in the Nazi death camps. Then, of course, were the many “trails of tears” (death marches) forced on the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere for 350-400 years.


How this takes place in current times is the forced sterilization of Native American young women

Too many children, not enough income, applying for welfare.

Well let’s get your Hysterectomy done first then we’ll talk about support

There is a very brave Native American Woman fighting to get this Story heard. Can’t place her name right now


It was wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right, Israel.


That is happening right now? Seriously! I don’t doubt it, just wow.


And there was Rwanda, East Pakistan, Bangledesh, Darfur, Bosnia, Armenia, Cambodia, Soviet ethnic cleansings, many times in China etc. There are many more.

I like that this site mentions the Native American Genocide as well as others:

Some Kissinger let happen:
East Pakistan



I can see how it can happen without a group conscience. Fear and totalitarianism leads to this. Lets not forget the rest of the countries of Europe rounded up their Jews and sent them to the camps. They had a different “group think” than the people of Germany. I think Hitler convinced the military sector and the financial sector. It took both to make it happen. Nothing would have happened without the financial sector. Ultimately the killing of the Jews was to take their assets. They financed that war by stealing the Jew’s assets.

I think assessing what WWII had to do with having a holocaust at all, would point that out. Germany invading country after country was not because they wanted to exterminate Jews and shouldn’t have had anything to do with the holocaust. Perhaps he needed more money so kept invading to go get more Jews’ assets. I don’t know.


Not sure How I am being self righteous. I am a Canadian and am condemning how we acted in that time period as a Country. Canada was anti-semitic and racist to the bone at that time.

What I do NOT want happening is Canada turning back refugees from all of these places in conflict, forcing them to return to their Countries of origin where they executed and then have a Prime Minister apologize for it 50 years from now. Do the right thing NOW.


I did not interpret Suspira as being self-righteous at all. Not sure where you’re coming from.