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Kunduz MSF Hospital U.S. Bombing Survivor, "I Want my Story to be Heard."


Kunduz MSF Hospital U.S. Bombing Survivor, "I Want my Story to be Heard."

Dr. Hakim

“I feel very angry, but I don’t want anything from the U.S. military,” said Khalid Ahmad, a 20 year old pharmacist who survived the U.S. bombing of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz on the 3rd of October, “God will hold them accountable.”

The actions of the U.S. military elicit the same contempt from Khalid and many ordinary Afghans as the actions of the Taliban or the ISIS.


There's an uncaring, psychopathic viciousness to attacks like that one, or at least to the Official Responses to it, that is completely outside anything that could be called civilised norms.

I think there'll be a real need, after we take over government, for thousands of people to spend years doing forensic investigation, lodging charges, and conducting trials in order to make sure the ones who commit or alibi such crimes are removed from the social commons. They just can't be allowed to go free, it would mock any hope we have for a better world.


in this world it seems no good turn goes unpunished ....


Isn't it true that the US military has concluded its investigation of the incident finding that 'mistakes were made'?

"The US strike upon the MSF Trauma Centre in Kunduz... was the direct result of human error, compounded by systems and procedural failures. The US forces directly involved in this incident did not know the targeted compound was the MSF Trauma Centre. The medical facility was misidentified as a target by US personnel who believed they were striking a different building several hundred meters away where there were reports of combatants." - General John Campbell

Isn't it true that, while a few low-level military personnel might have gotten a vigorous finger wagging given, the US military will not penalize military leadership, or enact major changes in its operation?


Their report amounts to: Oops, we murdered some folk. Our bad.

The US government considers the matter closed and will continue to operate in a manner which puts the lives of MSF staff and patients at risk, unless one, or more, international court seeks to prosecute the US for their crimes.


That mendacious statement by General John Campbell is so full of lies and half-truths that General John Campbell is insulting not only my intelligence but all the doctors that survived this egregious and purposeful attack ( there is copious proof that this was not a mistake) and General Campbell deserves to be court martialed ! Orwellian doublespeak at its evil best! What more proof does one need that the U.S. military is an Amerikan dictatorship with absolutely no accountability even after bombing a hospital run by doctors without borders to whom I have supported financially.

What is next? Dropping a nuclear bomb and saying the military had no other choice!


Well, what can you expect from a Campbell anyway.


Dick Cheney did something like that, and there wasn't even a police investigation.


The evil that is imperialist amerika knows no end! But the Peoples' Revoulcion is rising up! The "end" is coming for imperialist amerika!


I agree with you. Why are the leaders who call for war not immediately locked up by their courts? Murder is murder. This war stuff is an excuse to commit mass murder.


Amazing isn't it? Here we are in 2015 and the grossly hypocritical US is doing everything and anything that it used to accuse the evil empire of doing. Personally seeing how perverse and hypocritical the US is, I believe they were doing all of these things during the Cold War and keeping it quiet ( something that is virtually impossible to do today because of the internet. If you want evil, just travel to Washington where it is disgustingly displayed everyday in Congress. Degenerate, demented, monstrous, corrupt, immoral and unethical, these symbols of souls yearning for Hell hold sway in an august chamber that would have made Nero proud. Unfortunately the chickens have come home to roost and the US is starting to reap what it has sown and the harvest is covered in blood!


The US is so disgustingly immoral, I can hardly bear to read this story. But I do, because even though it's hard to take, I have to know the truth of what our criminal nation is doing. When I hear Obama talk about the San Bernadino, and how using terror to get some kind of point across is SO WRONG, I want to spit in his face. The US is the face of terror around the world. With over 900 military bases spanning the planet, NOBODY terrorizes like we terrorize.


"Even dear ol' grandpa Sanders bugs me now."
I've been waiting for him to come out and say something about the murders our country committed in Kunduz, but as far as I have seen, he's been completely silent about it. I think the San Bernardino killings were yet another false flag, but even if it wasn't, what do we really expect when we kill with impunity all around the world -- 'Grandpa Sanders' hasn't said anything about that either.


When Bernie was just a senator I really liked him, seemed like he was at least saying all the right things, but when he first decided to run for prez I started noticing the similarities with his run and the obadrone's in 2008 and that made me too suspicious to seriously consider voting for him.
If we peons consider war to be one of the main problems in this country -- one that all the other problems stem from -- then we simply cannot vote for anyone who would continue any of these wars. I voted for Jill Stein in 2012 and I might vote for her again, but in the 2014 midterms I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and one of our worst congressmen lost his race. I don't want my protest vote to be the reason Trump (or even Jebby) becomes president, but neither do I want ANY goddamned elected terrorist to continue these wars.