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Kurds Consider Asking for Russian No-Fly Zone as Moscow Demands Foreign Armies Leave Syria

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/13/kurds-consider-asking-russian-no-fly-zone-moscow-demands-foreign-armies-leave-syria

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War news lite.
Putin was more expansive regarding other nations leaving Syria.
The northeast border of syria is being cleared of Kurds to be resettled by the syrian arabs from northwest Syria who fled to Turkey. The ground force attackers from Turkey include the guys from the refugee camps.
Turkey can lose refugees.
Gain buffer from artillery attacks from Kurds.

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“The northeast border of syria is being cleared of Kurds to be resettled by the syrian arabs from northwest Syria who fled to Turkey.”

That’s called “ethnic cleansing” and often ends up in genocide…

Rational people are usually against both.


How come the article does not mention deliberate bombing of hospitals?

It’s all part of 45’s deal to gain wealth and influence from Turkey and Russia.

How exactly is for the investigators to reveal.

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According to Peter Ford, as long as the US is there Iran will stay there. There is a logic maybe, though, to “everyone out.” Cole may be wrong…Russia may want Iranians out too. If the Iranians are out, what can the two Bs complain about? Even if Cole’s right…and the US and Turkey only leave, at least that’ll be better for Kurds, AND remove the appearance of War On Iran Prelude.

The “guys” from Idlib that went to the camps in Turkey are, many of’em, AQ “cousins.” They’ll be replacing the Kurds who put’em in a corner! How does Erdogan know they’ll give up the cause? (am I smelling that crazed campaign to get Sunnis to push out Assad…again?? is the Qatar/Turkey pipeline vs the Islamic pipeline still an issue?? no you say, cause Turk Stream is up & running and Nordstream II is on the way?) Maybe I don’t know all that’s going on, but Merkel seems to be making a valid point. Why should we side with paranoid clampdown Turkey because RE is worried about some Kurdish statelet? If he got a little democracy going, and negotiated with the PKK, the danger to Turkey would be decreased. Peter Ford has said they’re no danger to Turkey anyway (on Loud & Clear).

Only thing in print I see https://www.urdupoint.com/en/world/rpt-us-betrayal-will-eventually-force-kurds-734838.html

I see I know nothing, and will have to return to a more careful reading of
Hassan El-Tayyab’s facebook post (below)…

5 thoughts on the US pulling out of Syria

  1. I agree that US troops should be withdrawn from Syria. The presence of U.S. troops in Syria was never authorized by Congress. A permanent U.S. military presence in Syria is not just, wise, or sustainable. A permanent U.S. military presence in Syria is not in the interests of Syrian civilians or the American people.

  2. However, the currently announced plan for U.S. military withdrawal threatens hundreds of thousands of civilians in northern Syria. A sustained Turkish assault on northern Syria could result in massive numbers of civilian casualties and displace up to three quarters of a million civilians, while also threatening critical humanitarian aid delivery operations in the region. We must condemn this aggression. and lean on them to stop the bloodshed.

  3. This threat to Syrian civilians could be mitigated through sustained diplomacy with the Kurds, Syria, Iran, Russia, Turkey, and the US. Congress and the Administration to push for a multilateral negotiated settlement that addresses the safety of Kurdish and other civilians living in northern Syria, while bringing a permanent end to US military involvement. Sustained diplomacy is also necessary to deal with the issue of alleged ISIS detainees in northern Syria. The U.S. must redouble its diplomatic efforts to press countries to repatriate their citizens currently in detention. The Trump Administration is right that the refusal of European governments to repatriate their citizens is unsustainable and unacceptable. The US should press Turkey to protect Kurdish civilians by using levers besides military force, such as targeted military sanctions and ending weapon sales. We should not however, impose crippling economic sanctions that would hurt the livelihoods of innocent civilians in Turkey.

  4. In addition to negotiating a responsible exit from Syria, Congress and the Administration should also take steps to open our doors to more asylum seekers and refugees from Syria, starting by repealing the Muslim Ban through H.R.2214, the NO BAN Act. We should raise the shameful 18,000 person annual cap on refugees and increase resettlement numbers by passing H.R.2146, the GRACE Act. In addition, Congress must not only extend, but re-designate the Temporary Protected Status for Syrians at risk of deportation from the US.

  5. Lastly, we urge Congress and the Administration to learn from this episode. Our unauthorized participation in the Syrian civil war and war against ISIS underlines why it is so important for Congress take votes on whether to authorize the use of military force and when to end the use of military force. Only through vigorous debate and public votes can Congress and the American people democratically determine if starting or continuing a war is worth the costs. If force is authorized, there must be create a coherent strategy that includes an exit plan. The experience of the last twenty years indicates that failure of Congress to debate and vote is a recipe for endless war.


only item three: europe does not have to accept the return of any ISIS soldiers. They are not citizens there. They are sunni refugees who left Bagdad in Iraq and escaped to Turkey. Erdagon turned them loose into europe when england stopped providing half their assistance. american dollars provided the other half. Today, EU provides 6.6 billion a year to turkey for all the refugees from syria and iraq who are in turkey.

Our congress refused to finance our army into Syria to defeat ISIS about 5 years ago. That is why we are not there!! (the last sentence is sarcasm)

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Oops, meant to reply to oldie!

Thanks for the summary. Have mercy.

The blowback would be bad enough on its own even if everything else about the world’s economy were normal. This problem alone (resulting from historically unparalleled screw-ups)…should tell us things economic need to be PLANNED and rational these days to meet the challenge. Just taking care of refugees from stupidly incubated wars tells us this. What happens when we start listening to climate as well?? Begin now. We’ve gotta begin anyway.

Say, if Russia really wanted everyone out.

It is only when all the multiple conflicts in Syria are brought to an end at about the same time that the country will cease to generate new crises. https://www.unz.com/pcockburn/the-vacuum-left-by-the-us-in-syria-clears-a-breeding-ground-for-isis/

Thank you for the link.
There is fear that ISIS will come back.
But two suicide bombers scare the beejabbers out of everyone?
Heck, a few years ago, 300 ISIS guys in toyota pick ups drove toward Bagdad for ice cream and the whole world took notice. We had 10,000 worthless mercenaries in iraq at the time who should have pulled off a few hit and run flank attacks to stop the kids. But nooooo. WE had to send missions to Bagdad and beg them to let us come back and train their shia army - again.

You’d think AQ & cousins would look at ISIS like Hitler looked upon the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (subhuman). You’d even think enlisted ISIS would be relieved it was over…all of’em. Guess not.

of the 11,000 POW isis guys, likely 2,000 might re-enlist. The others have all had enough. The 60 ISIS leaders america wanted to retain were kept by the Kurds. Todays announcement that Assad’s syrian army is joining the Kurds. Going against Turkey’s 11,000+ syrian arab refugees used as cannon fodder soldiers may result in a vast deadly war or a settlement for the eastern area of Syria.

who wins if secure peace falls upon the area.

who loses
britz + brexit political problems


They worked something out, which is good. I only see it on Sky. You think it’s true? If true, Cole was right…Russia was saying and meaning everyone should get out, including Turkey.

I can see why Erdogan would be frustrated, but it might mean in his country the scapegoat/war thing would abate…good for the people.

Losers would be the 2Bs and the Bolton types yes, but why Iraq?

Iraq is in a bit of turmoil. Young people do not have jobs.
The northern area is Kurdish populated and have sent soldiers to fight ISIS in Syria.
If they come home, if not already, the shia Iraq government in Bagdad will have to be careful.
Just a few years ago, Kurds hijacked crude oil because Bagdad did not share the income with the Kurds.

Russia policy of bombing Syrian hospitals is a plot from Trump ? Do elaborate

Who made the deal with Turkey and Russia to pull our troops out of the way?

Bozo the Clown?

I suppose so.

Trump Istanbul will be raking it in for years
as a money laundering exchange tower.
Something about Trump Towers reeks
of an international crime syndicate.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin called for all foreign militaries to leave Syria, according to Reuters: “Everyone who is illegitimately on the territory of any state, in this case Syria, must leave this territory. This applies to all states,”. Except we know that Putin was only talking about the United States and Turkey, not about his allies, Iran and Lebanon’s Hizbullah.

Um, I think that Putin was referring to all uninvited foreign militaries, Juan. The Syrian government invited its allies. Just a slight ‘technical’ difference.


The Kurds are compelled to decide who will betray them next

Traitorous Trump has abdicated to Russia.

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