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Kurds Strike Deal With Syrian Government to Battle Turkey's Offensive After Trump Orders Evacuation of Remaining US Troops

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/13/kurds-strike-deal-syrian-government-battle-turkeys-offensive-after-trump-orders


And this is how it begins…
We enter a region, completely fuck it up, use it for all its worth, then abandon it’s people to their fate.

This Shit show, mixed with the Iran/Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Bahrain situation, and throw in tensions between India and Pakistan, and you have the makings for a fine apocalypse.
Party on dudes!


And yet the media will continue telling us that this won’t happen once we kick Trump out of the White House. Spoiler alert: It happened before Trump and it will continue happening after Trump.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Chomsky once said that it is a miracle that humanity has survived as long as it had without blowing itself up with nuclear weapons. I wonder how long our luck will last…


“This decision to abandon our Kurdish allies and turn Syria over to Russia, Iran, & Turkey will put every radical Islamist on steroids”, "Shot in the arm to the bad guys. Devastating for the good guys."Senator Lindsay Graham

Too bad the Kurds have no better defender than the Senator known mostly for sucking up to Trump. Most of the Republicans seem already to have washed their hands of the Kurdish issue.


Can’t hardly call it abandonment after 18-19 years of spending blood and treasure in the region.
Don’t you need a specific purpose of being there in the first place to then leave and be able to call it abandonment?

American army, britz and french are in Syria also.
All have to quickly move out of the way.
I did not think that the Syrian army was all that good - but, I may be wrong.

BiBI and erdogan both go to moscow and talk with Putin.
And america provides 5 billion each year to israel for their defense. + money for their poor.
Russia appears to be the only capable peacemaker in syria.


Excellent article - Thanks.

Something curious has happened.

Mr. Trump, who as a young man didn’t want to fight in the Vietnam War so he dodged the draft, may have had purely corrupt financial reasons for pulling American troops out of Syria. Also, the Kurds may have been among the nicest people in the Mideast, with an honest, decentralized, multicultural government that embraced feminism. But, Trump pulled the troops out with zero warning. The world feared a bloodbath.

Then the Kurdish government cut a deal with the next available actor, Syria and their Russian allies. And now it’s quite possible that peace will break out.

It’s rumored that there never was a good war or a bad peace. People dig up exceptions but the exceptions always have to be rather qualified.


I wonder if it is luck or a curse keeping us in misery.

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I wish someone would shove Ms. Graham into a drone then crash it into a mountain! One asshole DOWN!

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Watch what you say POSITIVE about Russia, oldie. The u.s. wants you to believe that they are devils incarnate although Putin was once quoted recently as saying: “I have great respect for the u.s. I just wish they would leave us alone”

Whomever wants to call me a Putin puppet, make it so. All I want to see is peace and it sure ain’t gonna come out of my greedy, war-mongering country of birth where truth has been buried like a dead, rotting corpse.


Maybe we should just have GM and whoever else makes our military vehicles send a wireless order to shut down the 97% (or somewhere near that) of Turkish military vehicles (and planes) which are US made. Do you remember just the other week when we found out that the US military isn’t even allowed to repair its own combat vehicles because of software patents by the makers (not even in the field under combat conditions - ain’t capitalism just the grandest thin’ you ever did see?), just the same way John Deere keeps farmers from repairing their own J.D. equipment in the fields. Then remember a few years ago when we found out that a vehicle could be stopped when running on the highway using wireless connection via the electronics system (entertainment system of all things).
I have to wonder whether these military equipment makers have a kill switch for the vehicles they make.
And - side issue but related - the proprietary software for voting machines. The only totally secret part of elections in which all election-process methods are supposed to be open and above board. Only who casts which vote is supposed to be secret. ALL the rest has to be open to inspection and casual observation in order to have a “Demo-cracy.” Proprietary software doesn’t need hackers to interfere because the votes don’t mean a thing if you can’t tell how the votes are handled.
Ownership, it’s whats for dinner - and lunch - and breakfast. We are all tenant-farmer fodder.


As miserable as it is I’d rather be alive.

You must be much younger than I am. As the years pass, the experiences build and collect in your gray cells; you begin not to care about the insanity around you that you cannot seem to help fix no matter how desperately you want to; you get frustrated and start thinking about the Big Sleep. Sorry, MCH. Don’t mean to be a downer but a Soul can only hold so many losses and deal with so many frustrations…joy begins to get harder to embrace…then you get tired…

I think I know where you are coming from, especially in regards to feeling powerless against the world’s insanity. Still I guess I just rather live being around the ones I love. That my being brightens their lives is enough reason for me to want to stay alive. Maybe as they start to drift apart or die I will begin to think the same.

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I hope you never cross over into that place, my friend. May your life always hold those you love and may your life’s balance be firm and covered with light.

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i call em as i see them.

In case not so informed do a search for “Russia Syria warm water port”.

On second thought.
USA and Russia are competing to sell natural gas to europe and china.
China purchasing russian gas and it will be delivered by pipeline. America tried to sell by CNG via ships.
Canada looking to sell tar sands oil to china.
America is active in europe to sell our CNG there.

I have noticed that we opened the oil / gas spigots to finance our nation because we gave away manufacturing.

we still spend plenty on research. on radio today, a cancer cure researcher said that the mice are not providing evidence of a medicinal or other treatment effecy. They simply do not parallel human results. Continue to use as a research basis because of peer review.

always good to review the cancer cure failures. The Dr. said we have the medicines. We need to develop the correct dosages.

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And it is the only one they have. We have them all over the world. Our navy is impressive with great people, but our ships may be easy targets for missles. Very tough to defend against. They arrive low over the water and fast.

China is negotiating with Israel to build and operate an unloading dock for Chinese manufactured goods arriving in containers. Right next to USA submarine base there!!

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